Path of Exile streamer pulls off hilarious cosplay for Ultimatum League


Australian streamer Kostya ‘Mathil’ Khudoshin kicked off Path of Exile’s new Ultimatum League with a simply stunning (and…painful?) cosplay of one of the game’s toughest bosses: Atziri, Queen of the Vaal.

Mathil is known for his extravagant cosplays to celebrate the start of each new PoE League, and, for Ultimatum, the streamer went all out as the red-skinned Atziri.

One of the toughest bosses in the game, Atziri also presents an interesting challenge to cosplay, especially when you’re on your own it seems.

With a heavy sigh and an attitude that screams “why in god’s name am I doing this?” Mathil revealed his new look, complete with semi-functional cardboard arms and a glowstick pitchfork.

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“Bow to your queen, mortal!” The streamer proclaimed half-heartedly while also doing his best undead queen pose. “The arms won’t stick, I don’t know man. That’s the attempted Atziri.”

Mathil going all out as Atziri is already pretty funny, but when he turns to reveal the back half of his body was left completely unpainted, either because he couldn’t reach or just didn’t care at that point, it goes from a good laugh to full-on hilarious.

You might be wondering how he attached the gold chains to his chest, and towards the end of his stream he showed us (in a very painful-looking demonstration): it was glue and some tape.

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“Jesus Christ, the glue, it ripped all the f***ing hair, ah I didn’t expect that.” He yelled after tearing the gold chain off, before revealing the lower set were held on with some strategically painted tape.

Mathil will no doubt be grinding out the new Path of Exile season following his cosplay, but, as for what costume he’ll be donning next, that remains to be seen.

He cosplays quite a bit on stream, thought not always to the extent of this Atziri masterpiece. Still, as we mentioned, he’s known for his over-the-top cosplays at the start of every new PoE League, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

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