Sydeon makes waves with magnificent Genshin Impact Mona cosplay

Lauren Bergin
Sydeon Genshin Impact mona cosplay
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Mondstadt’s local hydromancer Mona has become one of Genshin Impact’s most iconic characters, but cosplayer Sydeon washes away the competition with this stunning cosplay. 

Genshin Impact has been a pretty polarizing title since its release back in 2020. While initially deemed to be just another mobile game, the anime-style graphics and gripping story has won the hearts of many mobile and PC players.

For some, however, the game has some glaring issues. A viral hashtag saw an attempt to “cancel” the game for its portrayal of indigenous cultures, specifically attacking the design of the title’s mischievous Hilichurls.

Despite public concerns, there’s a flourishing cosplay community surrounding the game, and one cosplayer is really making waves with her stunning Mona cosplay.

Mona Genshin Impact
Hydromancer and astrologist Mona is one of Genshin’s most iconic characters.

Sydeon’s Genshin Impact Mona cosplay

Cosplay queen Sydeon (better known as Sydney) has returned from a pretty lengthy cosplay hiatus by dressing as Mona, and it’s safe to say she’s back with a bang.

Donning that iconic purple witch’s hat decorated with stars and oozing magic, she’s ready to wash away all her competitors with this stunning recreation of Mondstadt’s resident hydromancer.

It’s not just her hat that’s so striking, though, because the rest of the outfit is styled to perfection. Cloaked in violet with red and gold trims, Sydney sports a perfectly crafted version of the character’s breastplate and leggings.

The inclusion of that lengthy plum hair, however, is what really sets this cosplay apart from the rest. Cascading beautifully across her shoulders, she emanates a playful aura that just screams magic with a hint of mischief.


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Mona cosplay goes viral

With 17.3k likes on Twitter and nearly 24.5k on Instagram, it’s pretty clear that Syndey‘s Mona has left everyone starstruck.

It’s great to see the stars aligning in her favor, especially after such a long hiatus. It’s never easy to make a comeback, but she’s making look as effortless as controlling water is for Mona.

We can’t wait to see what she does next, but in the meantime, we’ll continue to be bewitched by this stunning look.