Witcher cosplayer sets internet alight as fiery Triss Merigold

Christina 'likeassassin' Volkova goes viral with Triss Merigold Witcher 3 cosplay.Instagram: likeassassin

A Witcher cosplayer has set the internet alight with her fiery Triss Merigold cosplay, going viral across Reddit and Instagram. The Russian model’s stunning transformation into the Temerian sorceress will leave fans breathless.

Geralt of Rivia may be the central character in The Witcher saga, but some of the most popular characters across the book series and video game are actually his allies, like feisty Temerian sorceress Triss Merigold.

The magical character’s popularity continued to explode after the release of the first season of the Witcher’s new Netflix adaptation, where she is played by Anna Shaffer in all eight of the show’s early episodes. 

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So, of course, Triss cosplays have sprung up across the internet.

One in particular has set social media alight ⁠— a stunning version of Triss Merigold from Russian model Christina ‘likeassassin’ Volkova, whose “perfect” take on the popular Witcher heroine has gone viral across Reddit and Instagram.

Triss Merigold conjuring a spell.CD Projekt Red
Triss Merigold is a powerful enchantress with a fiery personality. Literally.

Witcher 3 cosplayer goes viral as Triss Merigold

Volkova brought the Witcher sorceress to life in stunning fashion across a series of Instagram posts that she later also shared on Reddit’s /r/cosplay forum.

The cosplayer’s Reddit post was upvoted more than 58,000 times.

It’s easy to see why too; Likeassassin has captured Triss Merigold perfectly, from her flaming red hair, to her flowing green-and-gold magician’s robes. The Russian model, once dressed up as the Witcher heroine, looked right of the game.

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She also made sure to add the sorceress’ jewel-encrusted belt, her dark brown traveling bracers, and Triss’ iconic and very rare sapphire amulet around her neck.

Perhaps the best part was the cosplayer’s gold tiara.

Volkova rounded out her jaw-dropping Witcher cosplay with a series of gold pendants and pulled on two jewel-encrusted boots to finish off the look.

Triss cosplay takes “five months of work”

For Volkova, her Triss cosplay is her most prized costume: “It took me five months of work almost every day! This is my most expensive, favorite, and best cosplay ever. I promise that I will never sell it, and will keep it forever.”

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“For me, homemade cosplays like these feel really unique.

Thank you so much for your attention! I understand these might be not so serious, but still, I’m happy to have your support by my side.

She added she probably wouldn’t do another project this big again. “I’ve done all the characters I wanted, and I always want inspiration. Triss is my favorite.”

She may not be working on anything big again, but fans will be excited to hear this isn’t the first time Volkova has cosplayed a Witcher character; back in March, she unveiled a stunning Ciri cosplay that also rocked the internet.

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With a second season just around the corner, we’re sure we’ll see plenty more awesome Witcher cosplays light up the internet in the months to come too!