Overwatch cosplayer sends shivers down fans spines with spectacular Mei outfit

Overwatch Mei CosplayInstagram: ryork0101, Blizzard Entertainment

It’s no secret that Overwatch has an extensive artistic community, but this cosplayer really rises above the rest with this stunning Mei cosplay. 

Mei has become one of Overwatch’s most controversial DPS heroes. Dividing fans everywhere, the adorable Chinese scientist is anything but cute when you come across her in-game.

Despite this, the Overwatch League (OWL) has dropped an adorable new skin for her entitled MM-Mei. The new legendary cosmetic transforms her into a Mixed Martial Arts fighter that we wouldn’t want to mess with.

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Sticking to her roots, though, one cosplayer has created an absolutely stunning basic Mei cosplay that will absolutely send shivers down your spine.

Overwatch Mei skating around on her iceBlizzard
While Mei looks adorable, she’s a force to be reckoned with in-game.

Overwatch Mei cosplay gives us chills

A spectacular cosplay by ryork0101 has really brought Mei into the real world, and she’s enchanting fans everywhere.

Seen sporting a masterfully crafted version of the Chinese DPS’ fluffy, snug-looking parka, she’s brandishing Mei’s iconic Endothermic Blaster whilst posing on a frozen staircase.

With her hair cut into that adorable black bob, held back by a traditional hairpin, you’d easily mistake the photo for a 3D render or, alternatively, fanart.

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It’s her entire attitude that’s spot on, though. Peering out anxiously from behind her black-framed glasses, her rosy cheeks and nose are adorable. Everything about this image is equal parts cute and stunning.


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A post shared by ECYOJSSELESU (@ryork0101)

A portrait close-up highlights these details even further, really showing off the makeup artistry that’s gone into creating this cosplay.


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A post shared by ECYOJSSELESU (@ryork0101)

With almost 16k upvotes on Reddit, ryork0101’s rendition of Mei is touching the hearts of Overwatch fans everywhere.

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Her Instagram boasts a whole host of different versions of our favorite hero, including her Lunar and adorable Anniversary skins.

We can’t wait to see which one she goes for next, especially as we draw ever closer to the Summer Games. Until then, though, this stunning moment is frozen in time for everyone to see.

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