Overwatch cosplayer schools opponents as adorable Academy D.Va

Brent Koepp
academy d.va skin overwatch cosplay

An Overwatch cosplayer went viral on Instagram after sharing their transformation into popular tank hero, D.Va. The artist adorably brought the character’s Academy skin to life like you’ve never seen before.

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Overwatch made its debut in 2016, and quickly became a cultural phenomena. Players fell in love with the team-shooter’s addicting gameplay, and its vibrant cast of characters such as D.Va.

To celebrate the Korean heroine, prolific cosplayer ‘HendoArt’ brought her iconic ‘Academy’ skin to life. The artist looks so much like the tank, it’s almost as if she nerfed her way out of the screen.

academy d.va's highlight intro in overwatch
D.Va is one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch.

HendoArt brings Overwatch Academy D.Va to life

The Korean tank character has many classic skins in the game already, from her police officer uniform to her Waveracer outfit. However, one of the most beloved looks is her Academy costume.

Cosplayer Sarah ‘HendoArt’ Hendo made waves on Instagram after showing off her perfect recreation of D.Va’s school skin. Photographer ‘nels._’ captured the artist mirroring the character’s pose after she ejects from her mech.

Sarah nailed the heroine’s blue and pink trimmed blazer, as well as her plaid skirt – which really ties the school uniform together. The picture’s perspective cleverly gives off the illusion that the cosplayer is flying through the air while she aims her pistol.


In another adorable shot taken by ‘saffelsphotography’, the artist gave viewers a better look at the full costume. With special effects, HendoArt stands stands in front of the nuclear blast after launching her mech behind herself.


As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the cosplayer also made a video on YouTube documenting the behind-the-scenes footage of her photoshoot. Fans of Overwatch get to see D.Va truly coming to life.

Despite only releasing in 2016, Overwatch has already cemented itself as one of the top shooters in the genre. The team-based title has grown into a major esport with incredible talent.

Fans of the Blizzard release have a lot to be excited for as a sequel to the FPS is just right around the corner. Expected to drop sometime in 2021, the expansion will include a PVE mode, as well new maps and characters.