Overwatch cosplayer calls the shots as spectacular Ashe

Lauren Bergin
Overwatch Ashe cosplay
Blizzard Entertainment, Instagram: tigereyecosplay

Overwatch’s iconic DPS, Ashe, has become one of the title’s most beloved characters, and this cosplayer has brought her into the real world. 

Blizzard’s Overwatch is filled to the brim with a roster lovable characters and fierce villains, but one of the game’s most popular character is Ashe, the Deadlock Rebel with a taste for gunpowder.

2021 has been quite the year for Ashe fans, as the DPS has been given her own special event, as well as  Summer Games and Lunar New Year skins.

To celebrate all of these new cosmetics in style, one cosplayer has taken to the streets in their stunning recreation of the lovable anti-hero.

Ashe is one of the Overwatch’s most beloved characters.

Overwatch Ashe cosplay is on fire

Tigereyecosplay, better known as Kaito, put together a spectacular Ashe cosplay is here to snipe the competition.

Every single detail of this outfit is perfectly crafted, and even if Kaito didn’t put it together herself, she pulled off the stunning look.

From the leather lapels of her iconic waistcoat down to those iconic riding boots, everything about this cosplay screams “Ashe here.”

It’s the finely shaped lines on that wide-brimmed hat that truly take the cake, though.

Wielding the iconic Viper shotgun in style, Kaito told us that the weapon was “3D printed,” but it looks pretty fearsome.


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Kaito even perfectly balances the fiesty with the playful, truly channeling their inner Ashe.


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Telling Dexerto that “I just really like Ashe so I wanted to cosplay her,” this spectacular rendition of the Deadlock gang leader would likely make her very proud.

From climbing the walls as Miles Morales to sniping the competition as our favorite DPS, we can’t wait to see where Kaito’s cosplay journey takes them next! Until then, though, Ashe is here, and she ain’t here to play.