Overwatch’s Summer Games Ashe skin is an instant favorite with players

Lauren Bergin
Overwatch Summer Games Ashe skinBlizzard Entertainment

In the wake of Blizzard finally releasing a Summer Games skin for Overwatch’s resident rebel, Ashe, fans are obsessed with her poolside look. 

When it comes to Overwatch’s cast of colorful characters, there’s no DPS quite as beloved as anti-hero Ashe.

The subject of the last in-game event, the Deadlock Gang’s notorious leader has received quite a bit of love of late. From her Legendary Lunar New Year outfit to a whole collection of spectacular skin concepts, 2021 seems to be her year.

Turns out that she’s even managed to score a Legendary Summer Games skin, too, and fans are obsessed with it.

Overwatch Summer Games Poolside AsheBlizzard Entertainment
Ashe is looking absolutely stunning, but can we take a moment to appreciate B.O.B’s flamingo?

Overwatch’s Summer Games Ashe is “beautiful”

In the run-up to the event, Ashe mains everywhere were begging Blizzard for a new summer-themed cosmetic for the rebel without a cause. Players were begging the devs to create a 3D version of this in-game spray, but they’ve taken a different route.

Sporting an adorable bikini and some inflatable water wings (safety first, after all), Poolside Ashe is a far cry from the skeet-themed spray, but fans are loving it nonetheless.

“Ashe has been getting mad skins recently,” writes one fan, referring to the Summer Games skin as “absolutely baller (perfect, for those unfamiliar with the lingo)”

Another laments that the shooting range Ashe didn’t quite make it into the game, but calls the Poolside skin “beautiful,” claiming that it is “so much better.”

A final comment embodies Ashe mains everywhere when they saw this skin, because it’s definitely worth “freaking out” over!

As the Summer Games gets underway on July 20, get ready to grind if you want to add this summery Ashe skin to your collection.

She’s joined by Symmetra, Mei and a mysterious collection of other characters that are yet to be unveiled. While leaks suggest that Sigma, Winston, Pharah and Orisa will be joining Ashe and B.O.B by the poolside, we’ll need to wait and see!