Overwatch unveils incredible Ashe Tiger Huntress Lunar New Year skin

Ashe Tiger skinPixabay/Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s 2021 Lunar New Year event is kicking off on February 4, and we finally have our first look at one of the brand-new skins coming alongside it: Ashe Tiger Huntress.

Ashe already has her fair share of safari-themed skins, but none of them are anywhere near as dynamic as this latest special event skin, as it literally transforms B.O.B into a tiger.

Like with most of Ashe’s special skins, she isn’t the only part of her costume that gets enhanced: Seeing as her ultimate B.O.B has a life and personality of his own, he often gets revamped as well, and this is no exception.

Just like with her Halloween Little Red outfit where B.O.B turned into the wolf, in this skin, the Omnic butler is the tiger that Ashe hunts.

Ashe Overwatch groupBlizzard Entertainment
Ashe looks the part are a Tiger Huntress.

It’s also good to know that the Tiger is one of the Chinese Zodiac signs, so it ends up working with the theme.

For the skin itself, Ashe gains a neat hat and a dark blue attire that she ends up sharing with her Omnic friend.

There are some other cool little attention to details, such as B.O.B’s eyes glowing blue and Ashe’s necklace which seems to be made up of tiger fangs.

Fans looking to outright purchase the skin with in-game coins should probably expect to spend 3,000, which is standard for any skin of the Legendary variety. For those that would rather hold on to those coins, there is always a chance you simply get it by opening a loot box.

Of course, this skin is a tad bit early as Year of the Tiger begins in 2022. This year happens to be Year of the Ox, which has led many to believe Orisa could be getting a skin with her horse/ox-like design.

We can’t wait to see what other skins Blizzard has to offer for the Lunar New Year celebration, but we expect at least one more will be revealed before the event begins on February 4.