Overwatch Ashe Deadlock Challenge LIVE: Deadlock Ashe skin, dates & how to complete

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s new Deadlock Challenge mini-event is now live, and we can’t wait to unlock Ashe’s new Deadlock skin, along with all of the other rewards. So, let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Ashe has steadily become a fan favorite and a reliable DPS pick since her introduction at BlizzCon 2018, and she’s gotten plenty of attention from Blizzard since then as well.

For starters, she got a full-on animated cinematic that was introduced on the main Overwatch stage of BlizzCon by big papa Jeff, an honor not many heroes outside of the original lineup have had. Now she’s set for her second (where most heroes haven’t even had one) limited-time event Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge.

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Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge start & end dates

After Blizzard’s announcement on June 20, the Deadlock Challenge mini-event started on Tuesday, June 22, just a couple of days after the cryptic teaser trailer was dropped.

In the trailer, we saw a silhouette of the brand-new Ashe skin, dead giveaway based on the hat, but we couldn’t really tell much more than that.

On June 22 we got the full look at Ashe’s new “Deadlock” skin, and just as some fans predicted it looks just like the cover art to the Deadlock Rebels Overwatch original novel, with a red jacket, a smaller, more tactical hat, and many more details, including for B.O.B.

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Like most other limited time events, Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge will run for just under two weeks ending on July 5, so if you want to unlock the new skin and cosmetics, whatever they are, be sure to do whatever you need to do before then.

Like past limited-time events, players will need to play a certain number of games to unlock all of the cosmetics. You won’t need nine wins like some, instead the Deadlock Challenge will go off of the 9-18-27 total games played system. The different rewards are listed down below:
  • Play 9 games | Player Icon
  • Play 18 games | Spray
  • Play 27 games | Legendary Ashe and B.O.B Skin

You can also watch any Overwatch content on Twitch to earn even more cosmetics, in the form of exclusive sprays:
  • Watch 2 hours | 1 Spray
  • Watch 4 hours | 2 Sprays
  • Watch 6 hours | 3 Sprays

So, practice those mid-air Dynamite shots, coordinate with B.O.B. to make sure you don’t send him flying off the edge, and we’ll see you when on Route 66 with those flashy new Ashe skins.