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Sneaky channels inner villain with League of Legends KDA Evelynn cosplay

Published: 19/Jul/2021 12:12

by Lauren Bergin


Former Cloud9 League of Legends star Zach ‘Sneaky’ Scuderi stuns LoL fans every month with his cosplays, and this K/DA All Out Evelynn outfit may be the most alluring yet.

While Sneaky made his name in the LoL professional scene as Cloud9’s ADC, his retirement from the LCS has allowed him to focus more on streaming and creating stunning cosplays.

We’ve seen everything from a viral Bunny Boy cosplay to the likes of K/DA queen Ahri, but this time around he’s emulating the K-pop band’s most mysterious member, Evelynn.

Transforming himself into the demonic jungler herself, this stunning cosplay leaves us wanting MORE – get it?


KDA All Out Evelynn in League of Legends
Riot Games
K/DA All Out Evelyn might be a straight up villain, but she’s absolutely beautiful.

Sneaky’s LoL K/DA All Out Evelynn cosplay

Continuing on his K/DA All Out journey, Sneaky has created a spectacular cosplay that truly encapsulates the stunning demoness.

Sporting her stunning crystalline silver hair, it cascades down his shoulders like a shimmering waterfall and is styled to absolute perfection.

Her glittering jacket perfectly mirrors that stunning hairstyle, and frames an ebony leather bralet that connects to a pair of high rise shorts attached to suspenders.

While Evelynn looks stunning, though, she’s deadly. Sneaky’s fingertips are adorned with razor-sharp metallic claws, and her spindly lashers are prepped and ready to slice her enemies in half. All in all, the LoL icon truly embodies Evelynn’s stunning beauty but, equally, is just dripping with danger.


Fans have been ensnared by Sneaky’s Evelynn, with Cloud9 dropping their usual “you’re so hot brother” in response.

Another Twitter user has responded with a relatable meme because, after all, who isn’t excited for the next installment in Sneaky’s monthly cosplay series?

This alluring cosplay is yet another smash hit for the LoL superstar. Will he continue down this K/DA all out path and gift us with Akali next time around? Or will he even bring the stunning songstress, Seraphine, to life? We’ll have to wait and see.