League of Legends cosplayer protects her allies as Star Guardian Soraka

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Star Guardian Soraka Cosplay

Lilya ‘Lilya0o’ Victorovna has impressed League of Legends fans once again with another stunning cosplay, and this time, she transformed into beloved champion Star Guardian Soraka.

Soraka has been one of the top-tier support champions in League of Legends for a long time now, which isn’t surprising given her abilities.

Not only does she passively run faster towards allies with low health, but she can also damage, slow, silence, and stun enemies while also healing herself and allies.

Combined with her mesmerizing appearance and interesting backstory as a wandering celestial entity who sacrificed immortality to protect mortals from their violent impulses, Soraka is a massive hit among cosplayers, too.

Star Guardian Soraka Cosplay
Soraka’s Star Guardian skin makes the already appealing champion look even better.

LilyaOo is no stranger in the cosplay world. With thousands of followers on Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube, her popularity is growing by the minute. And it’s all thanks to her magnificent cosplays, such as her dazzling take on K/DA Ahri.

Now, she’s done it again as Star Guardian Soraka. The colorful piece has got it all, from the golden horn nestled on top of flowing wavy green hair to the white, gold, and emerald green dress matched with white leggings and gloves.


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LilyaOo’s cosplay was another home run in the eyes of her fans. They couldn’t contain their delight, describing it as “beautiful” — which is no surprise given how similar it looks to the character model in-game.

But as good as it is, it’s another day in the office for LilyaOo, who has set the bar high on some of her other cosplays including Akali, Evelynn, Miss Fortune, and more.

You can find them on her Instagram profile by clicking here.

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