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League of Legends cosplayer cooks up fantastic Barbecue Leona

Published: 21/Apr/2021 22:32

by Alan Bernal


A League of Legends cosplayer served up an incredible rendition of Barbeque Leona which included massive props to properly pull off old-school skin.

League has over 150 champions, and each has multiple skins that players can choose from. This gives cosplayers a ton of options at their fingertips when it comes to creating their next design.

Sometimes, Riot’s designs can get pretty wild. Whether in scope or theme, there’s plenty that would test a cosplayer’s talents in trying to piece a suit together.

That’s why a ton of people are liking user okapishomapi’s cosplay, known as ‘makerfishmeal’ on Instagram, for Leona. Not only did she completely pull off the hard design, she made one of the goofiest (and highly-praised) skins look absolutely clean in real life.



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Now, League fans will know that the Leona skin has a big, plump sausage at the end of the solar pitmaster’s pitchfork. Instead of the normal-sized one in the character’s splash art, okapishomapi elected to recreate the monster version that’s seen in her in-game model.

Using a PVC pipe and a whole lot of foam, okapishomapi was a mixed bundle of excitement and frustration while building Leona’s tricky accessories.

Documenting her cosplay-making process, the creator said that the hardest part was keeping the sausage fixed to her five-foot fork since it had to look good, be lightweight, and hold its shape while being propped up.


And that doesn’t even account for the technical challenge that it took to make a sizzling LED grill shield that the champion hoists on her other arm.

cosplay leona barbeque
Munchkin Photos via okapishomapi Reddit
League fans were impressed with the meticulous Barbeque Leona design.

As daunting as the weapon-making process must have been, the cosplayer gave just as much attention to detail to the lean, mean, brisket queen’s full attire to faithfully recreate the champ.

Okapishomapi’s cosplay has been massively loved by the League reddit community, amassing over 11k upvotes and dozens more awards.

There’s been Leona cosplays in the past that have also impressed, but this design mixes a great level of energy and craft to make something special.