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LoL cosplayer shines like the sun with stunning Leona cosplay

Published: 3/Feb/2021 17:14

by Lauren Bergin


While it might not be her most recent effort, Sonia ‘Cinderys’ Grillet’s 2015 League of Legends Leona cosplay is back to take the LoL sphere by storm. 

Cinderys has become one of the most iconic video game cosplayers to ever grace the scene. After being picked up by Blizzard for her insane World of Warcraft: Shadowlands cosplay, the Frenchwoman has been riding the high ever since.

It’s pretty clear though that her journey didn’t start overnight. A recent series of photos on her Instagram have revisited some of her older cosplays.

One of these is an amazing recreation of League of Legends’ tank support Leona, a character who can be found constantly causing chaos in the bot lane in professional play and casual games alike.


Riot Games
Solar Eclipse Leona has become one of the game’s most iconic skins.

Cinderys’ insane Leona cosplay

Despite writing that “Leona was my second cosplay and my first armor,” this stunning outfit doesn’t show any inexperience at all.

In fact, it’s the total opposite. Cinderys nailed the construction of the Solari warrior’s iconic Zenith Blade and Shield of Daybreak, with the photographic edits making the weapons glow as though they were imbued with sunlight like Leona’s.

Couple this with the absolutely beautiful red and gold armor that the support has become so synonymous with and, at first glance, this could easily be a splash art image from the game itself.

What makes this cosplay so special though is her poise. Leona is renowned for her pride, but also for being pure of heart. Cinderys channels this beautifully in her poses and stance.



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Fans are blinded by this cosplay

Although this cosplay was first created six years ago in 2015, when Cinderys shared it across her social media platforms whilst reminiscing fans went wild.

Fans across the cosplayer’s Instagram were wow’d by the images, which have garnered an impressive 6k likes. With commenters noting that the outfit is “amazing” and “stunning,” and even confessing that they “thought it was a sweet 3D render,” Cinderys has stunned LoL fans everywhere the same way that Leona’s Solar Flare stuns literally everyone.

We’ve seen glimpses of Cinderys’ cosplay past, as well as images of her present status. We can’t wait to see where she goes in the future: will she redo some of these older cosplays? Or will we see different LoL champions take to the stage? Only time will tell.