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Apex Legends cosplayer seeks revenge as new Legend Valkyrie

Published: 21/Apr/2021 10:58

by Alex Garton


Apex Legends Legacy is nearly upon us and alongside it will arrive Valkyrie, a titan pilot desperate to forge her own path in the Apex Games. One talented cosplayer has brought the Legend to life and captured her appearance from the ‘Stories of the Outlands’ video perfectly.

Despite only being released back in 2019, Apex Legends has built a large roster of interesting and unique characters. Each of these Legends has a backstory embedded in the game’s world, meaning fans have become interested in their storylines and personalities.

Of course, when fans are invested in a title’s characters, it usually means there’s a set of talented cosplayers ready to bring them to life.


Apex is no different and with the new Legend Valkyrie receiving her very own ‘Stories from the Outlands’ video. Off the back of this, a lot of fans have been inspired to recreate her appearance, with one cosplay standing out from the crowd.

Valkyrie Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends was released all the way back in 2019.

Picture-perfect Valkyrie cosplay

It’s not very often that a cosplay takes you by surprise and perfectly recreates the appearance of a character. Well, Twitch streamer and cosplayer Aaebiya has achieved exactly that, bringing Apex’s new Legend to life.

The outfit mirrors Valkyrie’s appearance in the Northstar ‘Stories from the Outlands’ video where she’s seeking revenge for the death of her father.


Every aspect of Aebi’s cosplay perfectly matches the look from the video. From the dark red cropped jacket to the black turtle neck jumper, it’s all styled to perfection.

Despite this, perhaps the most impressive aspect of the cosplay is her hair. The cut completely mirrors Valkyrie’s and brings the whole look together, it almost appears as if she’s been transported out of the trailer into the real world.

There’s no doubt this is an impressive cosplay that has got the Apex community even more excited to try out Valkyrie in-game.

We’ll have to keep an eye on Aaebiya’s socials to see if she decides to cosplay any other Apex Legends characters. It would certainly be exciting to see if she could bring some of the other Legends to life.