Insane Sydeon Star Wars cosplay proves she could be a Sith Lord

sydeon and darth vaderSydeon / GabboT

Twitch streamer Sydney ‘Sydeon’ joined the dark side of the force with a new Star Wars cosplay, proving she wouldn’t look out of place alongside Sith Lords like Darth Vader and Darth Maul. 

The famous sci-fi franchise has been creating new stars on both sides, Jedi and Sith, with the latest set of films created by Disney.

With The Mandalorian rising to a level of critically-acclaimed success on Disney+ and other spinoff movies in the works, it doesn’t seem like the Star Wars hype is dying down any time soon.

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And if Sydeon’s fans had their way, she’d slot into one of the upcoming releases with a future role, considering how good this cosplay looks.

darth vader cosplay star warsUnsplash
Star Wars cosplays are always fun, but Sydeon do a generic Darth Vader impression.

Sydeon shines with Star Wars Sith cosplay

Those familiar with the Twitch star and influencer, who has 158,000 followers on Instagram, will know that she regularly recreates styles of movie and video game characters.

In the past, she has blown viewers away with her take on Apex Legends’ Loba character (which won a Dexerto award for Cosplay of the Year 2o20), and more recently as Mona from Genshin Impact.

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Next up, she’s entered a galaxy far, far away.

While Sydeon is not cosplaying a specific personality this time, it doesn’t make the tribute any less impressive or iconic.


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The cosplay racked up 20,000 likes on her Instagram in just the first two hours of posting.

As you can see in the image, the streamer takes the darkness of a Sith costume and makes it classy, featuring long boots and tough shoulder pads.

Not to mention the bright red lightsaber, which completes the cosplay perfectly, making it instantly recognizable with anybody that’s well-versed in Star Wars.

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Streamers react: Pokimane & BrookeAB

A few fellow Twitch streamers were quick to react in the comments.

Pokimane said: “How much for you to step on me? name your price,” while BrookeAB posted: “OH MY GOD IM LITERALLY DROOLING.”

Spooky season is upon us, as we build towards Halloween on October 31, 2021, and it wouldn’t be a shock to see Sydney show off some more incredible outfits out before we reach that point.

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