Incredible Borderlands 3 cosplay brings Tyreen Calypso to life

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Borderlands fans are some of the most loyal when it comes to fandoms, and bringing their favorite characters to life through cosplay can often be no easy feat. For fans of Tyreen Calypso, one cosplayer went above and beyond to deliver the third installment’s antagonist into the real world.

Posting on Reddit, cosplayer mangamsy uploaded a photo of her amazing Calypso costume, which was taken back in September 2019 at Elfia, a fantasy costume event that takes place in the Netherlands.

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The outfit itself and all its intricacies are done quite well to capture the wear and tear of the God Queen’s attire. The cosplay nails certain touches such as rips in just the right parts of the clothing, how one glove is a different color than the other, and all other fine details that any major Borderlands fan would pick up on.

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What makes it so awesome is in the photo, the getup maintains a lot of Borderlands’ cell-shaded charm.

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Moving onto Calypso’s physical appearance, mangamsy made sure to decorate her left arm with a blue tattoo, colored her hair, and styled it. Meanwhile, the makeup on her face was done in such a way to mimic cell-shading, which looks eerie yet cool.

According to mangamsy, the editing and photo were done by EOS Andy, a German-based cosplay photographer. He put a lot of work and effort into making the outfit match the spirit of the game.

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Pulling this look off takes a lot of effort.

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In Borderlands 3, Tyreen Calypso is the game’s antagonist. She and her brother Troy are leaders of the Children of the Vault faction. She is the daughter of Typhon DeLeon, the first vault hunter.

Considering how well this worked out, hopefully, mangamsy and EOS Andy work together more in the future to bring even more Borderlands characters to life at conventions or special events such as Elfia.

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