Pokemon cosplayers blast off with impressive Team Rocket getup

. 3 years ago

A cosplay duo pulled off a near-perfect incarnation of Team Rocket from the Pokemon anime with some of the best wig work ever.

Cosplayers “Ryoko Demon” and “Reidoll” teamed up to bring the anime antagonists to life – and the end result was pure 90’s euphoria.

Ryoko took the part of Jesse, and managed to design the perfect R-shaped hair curve to resemble the character from the show. Of course, natural hair would have a difficult time bending the laws of physics like this, but Ryoko managed to make it work with an assist from a wig.

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Meanwhile, Reidoll took the role of James, and matched her counterpart with a similar look and dynamic, sharp purple hair.

Redditor “joshuahanslow17” uploaded a photo of the duo to the website where many users were blown away by the concept.

“The Jesse wig is Incredible!” one user replied. “I’ve never seen the Jesse hair done right. That is fantastic!” another said.

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Some were impressed with the fact that Reidoll included a purple belt with her James cosplay, something that many seem to overlook when they design their costumes.

While the clothing itself is relatively simple – white tops and pants with the iconic Rocket R in the middle – the look is incredibly clean, and could easily look to be ripped right from a living room TV set to a kids television station in the mid-90’s.

There are even more photos of the two in action on Ryoko Demon’s Instagram, including a pic where both cosplayers up the ante by donning traditional Japanese clothing.

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In the anime, the Team Rocket duo, aided by their talking Meowth, are often seen trying to steal rare Pokemon and main protagonist Ash’s Pikachu. They also have many comic relief scenes that include the antagonists dressing up in outfits, such as the clothing seen above.

If there ever ends up being a live-action Pokemon movie in search of Team Rocket, these two cosplayers may be just the right people to play the roles.

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