Genshin Impact cosplayer casts spells as flawless Lisa

Georgina Smith
Cosplayer OfficialRinnieR next to Lisa from Genshin IMpact

An incredibly talented cosplayer has gone viral after she recreated Genshin Impact character Lisa’s outfit to an extraordinary degree of detail, looking every bit the part of the sultry witch.

Free-to-play gacha game Genshin Impact has proven to be yet another breakout hit of 2020. It’s similarity to the huge hit Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild drew people in, but it’s collectible character mechanic and fascinating story allowed it to stand on its own two feet.

Since its September 28 release the game has been downloaded over 17 million times, and some people have even spent thousands on trying to secure their favorite character via the gacha based ‘wish’ process.

Each character has their own interesting aesthetic, but among the most stunning is Lisa, Librarian of the Knights of Favonius, and a witch. She has a rather flirtatious personality which has made Genshin players fall head over heels for her and her stunningly magic aesthetic.

Genshin Impact cast of characters
Genshin Impact features a vibrant and loveable cast of characters.

Cosplayer OfficialRinnieR was keen to recreate Lisa’s amazing outfit, and within only two weeks of the game’s launch she managed to pull together an insanely accurate costume, each and every detail taken into consideration.

The bodice is gorgeous, a deep royal purple that flare out into hanging pieces that form a skirt-like shape. The purple is contrasted with the white gold trim that follows the shape of the fabric, as well as forming metallic embellishments that look exactly like the original.

She wears black heels, and sheer thigh-high stockings with a lace trim that accentuates that witchy feeling, whilst keeping in with her unique personality.

Her blonde hair is styled in loose waves that cascade down the side of her arm, highlighted by the gold trim, looking practically as if she is glowing.

Her hat tops off the look, an oversized purple witch style hat that has a purple flower embellishment, and she’s even hung a tiny lantern off the tip to add to Lisa’s gorgeous aesthetic.

This look couldn’t have been more stunningly accurate, and Twitter seemed to agree, with OfficialRinnieR’s post having garnered nearly 25,000 likes in under 18 hours. A fantastic result for a fantastic Genshin Impact cosplay.