Streamer loses it after spending $2K to get Genshin Impact character

Michael Gwilliam
Genshin Impact cast of charactersmiHoYo

Twitch streamer Lacari went absolutely ballistic after finally acquiring a rare Genshin Impact character after he spent a whopping $2,000 trying to do so.

Lacari’s journey to unlock the five-star character Keqing had him spending dollar after dollar on banner after banner on the Chinese game with no such luck.

After his bad luck continued and the streamer had spent over $1,500 trying to get Keqing, his friends began to mock him over chat.

“Lacari, do you know the chances of getting a five-star?” one asked while the Twitch star hung his head in disappointment. “It’s 0.6%.”

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“What a f**king loser,” another remarked after learning the streamer had spent thousands on the banner.

Eventually, however, when things were looking their most dim, Lacari turned up to the heavens and begged for his luck to change.

“Please!” he cried. “Please!”

Then, suddenly, a miracle happened after the character he had long sought after emerged on his screen. “Oh my God!” he screamed in delight.

“Yes!” he yelled, thrusting his hips into the air in some sort of odd celebration. “There’s a God up there! There’s a God up there! We f**king did it!”

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“Oh my f**king God. Oh, f**k!” he continued to swear profusely. “Let’s f**king go!”

Keqing from Genshin ImpactmiHoYo
Keqing is a rare five-star character.

It’s pretty unfathomable to see someone literally spend that kind of cash all for a video game character, but that pretty much sums up the free-to-play model in a nutshell.

Genshin Impact has had one of the most successful launches for any Chinese game in history and so far its review scores are highly favorable with an 80 Metacritic Metascore and 74 user score.

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Only time will tell if its success continues or if users get fed up with having to pay big bucks to play as certain characters.

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