Bloodborne cosplayer joins the hunt with viral Lady Maria outfit

Meg Bethany Koepp
lady maria bloodborne cosplay

[jwplayer hRlzg0BA] A talented Bloodborne fan went viral on Twitter with an amazing cosplay of Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower from The Old Hunters DLC. Their take is so impressive, it’s almost as though the student of Gehrman has sliced her way out of the screen and into reality.

If you’re a Dark Souls fan, there’s no doubt you’ve heard or played Bloodborne. Often donned as a faster-paced Souls game, the action role-playing title – which released in 2015 – is notorious for its high difficulty level and H. P. Lovecraft-inspired world design. It is set in the mysterious city of Yharnam, and sees the player take control of a Hunter to try and find out why its citizens have been afflicted with a blood-borne disease.

At the end of 2015, the title’s DLC, The Old Hunters, added new locations, enemies, and more to the RPG. Straight away, players fell in love with Lady Maria – a boss at the Astral Clocktower – and she quickly became one of the IP’s most-adored characters. So much so, that a skilled fan of both the game and the female foe made waves on Twitter after sharing their incredible cosplay take on her.

lady maria fight in bloodborne the old hunters dlc
The boss uses the Rakuyo weapon to fight.

Bloodborne cosplayer’s amazing Lady Maria costume

On October 4, Twitter user and proclaimed Soulsborne superfan ‘@eliteknightset‘ – also known as Eli – shared their take on the boss of the Astral Clocktower. It quickly kicked up a storm in the cosplay community, and has pulled in 3.2k likes at the time of writing.

It’s easy to see why it was so well-received – their getup is simply amazing. In the RPG, the character’s Hunter attire can be bought from the Insight Bath Messenger after beating her, and the cosplayer’s work is so true to the game, it looks as though they’ve warped to Hunter’s Dream themselves and picked it up.

Lady Maria’s outfit consists of a cap with a white feather, gloves, trousers, and a black and gold collared garb intricately detailed with belts and a white ruffled shirt. It looks as though it would be difficult to recreate, but Eli makes it look effortless.

In another set of photos appropriately captioned with the quote “Hello, good hunter,” the Bloodborne fan dressed up as the Doll who sits outside the Workshop at the Hunter’s Dream.

The Doll wears a brown bonnet, along with an intricate garb littered with floral lumenflower detailing, and a lengthy black skirt. Again, this is something that Eli replicated perfectly. They even used light face makeup to really accentuate the toy-like appearance.

Gehrman, the toy’s maker, modelled her after his favorite student, Lady Maria, and her sole purpose is to help hunters who are passing through. She aids the player by allowing them to spend their Blood Echoes to level up their stats, making her probably the most important character in the entire game.

Bloodborne is continuously heralded as one of the best video games of all time, and one of the top PlayStation 4 exclusives. A sequel is desperately wanted by players, although nothing official has been confirmed to be in the works just yet.

Fans don’t need to worry about it being left behind on the PS4, however, as the action RPG is coming to PS5 as part of the PS Plus Collection – a new benefit offered to PS+ subscribers that allows them to access and play certain PlayStation 4 games on the next-gen console.

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