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Best anime cosplays of April 2021: Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia & more

Published: 22/Apr/2021 17:18 Updated: 6/May/2021 0:04

by Georgina Smith


Yet again, the past month has seen countless cosplayers flawlessly recreate some of the most iconic anime characters — here are five of the best recreations from April, featuring shows like My Hero Academia, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and more.

With the huge array of vibrant and iconic characters that have come from the anime universe, it’s no wonder that so many cosplayers have had a go at recreating them, channeling inspiration from some topical shows, along with old favorites.

In the weird and wonderful world of anime, anything is possible, and that means that cosplayers have to get creative when emulating the intricate costumes originally portrayed in the classic anime art style.


But it’s safe to say that cosplayers have been doing a fantastic job of replicating these characters, pulling them off the screen into real-life, and we’ve selected some of our favorites from the past month.

My Hero Academia: Izuku Midoriya — Nikkosplay

While there are plenty of My Hero Academia characters that are perfect cosplay material, one of the most popular choices is main character Izuku Midoriya, a.k.a. Deku. With the new season coming out, cosplayer nikkosplay decided to celebrate by cosplaying the much-loved protagonist.

The cosplayer looks fantastic in the green getup, especially when paired with some white gloves. Their stunning green hair ties in perfectly with the varying shades of green from the outfit and pulls together this compelling look.



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Overall, this is a brilliant Deku recreation shot by photographer himecoser, and it’s not hard to see why it’s made it into our top cosplays of the month!

Darling in the Franxx: Zero Two — Taliverse

Darling in the Franxx was undoubtedly a breakout show of 2018, with the post-apocalyptic plot set in Tokyo providing the perfect backdrop for a gripping story, and interesting characters. Cosplayer Taliverse put her spin on one of the lead characters, Zero Two.

The vibrant red bodysuit is an almost perfect match for the character, including the white markings and dark red gloves. Her pastel pink hair is long, with bangs styled to suit Zero Two’s original look.



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Combined with the red lipstick, horns, fangs, and lollipop, Taliverse has managed to capture all the key aspects of this character’s appearance and personality into one amazing look.

Attack on Titan: Annie Leonhart — Farahdesuuu

With Attack on Titan in the midst of its final season, fans are more invested than ever before in the story, and that’s got cosplayers keen to recreate their favorite characters from the shows. Cosplayer Farah did a great job of becoming Annie Leonhart.

A cropped hoodie combined with white pants that are then both overlaid with dark leather straps that wrap around her legs and body are the perfect combination and the spitting image of Annie’s outfit.



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With white blonde hair in a low bun and a jacket swung over her shoulder, Farah captures the essence of Annie’s personality, in a great cosplay that impressed fans.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Asuka Langley — Ulichan

In this post-apocalyptic world, teens control giant mechs which they use to battle creatures called Angels, leading to an action-packed plot, with plenty of cosplay inspiration. Ulichan brought character Asuka Langley to life with her insane cosplay.

In stunning photographs taken by ph_mosienko, Ulichan is practically glowing in her amazingly accurate costume. The shiny red suit by andromeda_latex features all the small details see in the original outfit and looks great in combination with the wig pulled into pigtails.


In one shot, this cosplayer is seen leaning up against a motorbike, adding a cool edge to an already fantastic cosplay which fans of the show loved.

Re:Zero: Rem — Musedreaming

Following the end of season two of this popular anime, many fans are looking for ways to fuel their love for the show while they wait for more content, and many have chosen to recreate the characters in the form of cosplay.

Musedreaming recreated maid Rem perfectly. Her pastel blue hair is styled in a bob that frames her face, with bangs covering one eye. The ruffled black and white maid outfit is a great ode to the original.


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Bright blue contacts tie together with the more muted hair color, and the vibrant purple hairpiece is the finishing touch to this simple yet very effective cosplay.

The cosplay community has dazzled fans with their incredible work over the last month, taking some of the most iconic characters to new levels, and thoroughly impressing anime fans across the internet.