Best anime cosplays of October 2021: My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, & more

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Yet again, the past month has seen countless cosplayers flawlessly recreate some of the most iconic anime characters — here are five of the best recreations from October, featuring shows like Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, and more.

With the huge array of vibrant and iconic characters that have come from the anime universe, it’s no wonder that so many cosplayers have had a go at recreating them, channeling inspiration from some topical shows, along with old favorites.

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In the weird and wonderful world of anime, anything is possible, and that means that cosplayers have to get creative when emulating the intricate costumes originally portrayed in the classic anime art style.

But it’s safe to say that cosplayers have been doing a fantastic job of replicating these characters, pulling them off the screen into real-life, and we’ve selected some of our favorites from the past month.

Demon Slayer: Mother Spider Demon — Mayweda

Amid the hype for the second season of hugely popular anime Demon Slayer, fans are channeling their love for the show into some stunning cosplays, and Mayweda is among them.

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She decided to recreate one of the main antagonists, Mother Spider Demon, a popular cosplay choice from the show, and it’s safe to say she did an amazing job.


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A post shared by Eva (@maywedacosplay)

The white kimono with the red details is perfectly reminiscent of the costume from the show, with every detail of the look on point.

But best of all is the makeup, the red paint on her face a spot-on imitation of the original character, pulling the whole look together and making for a cosplay that fans of the show loved.

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My Hero Academia: Bakugo — Michiru Ichijyou

My Hero Academia constantly proves to be a fantastic source of inspiration for avid cosplayers thanks to its large cast of colorful characters, and cosplayer Michiru Ichijyou impressed fans of the show with their take on popular character Bakugo.

They specifically recreated the character’s look from the new movie My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, and they had every detail down.


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A post shared by Michiru Ichijyou (@michiruichijyou)

The black and orange costume combined with the gauntlet brings the character to life perfectly, and combined with the face paint and red contact lenses, they look every bit the part of the fan-favorite character.

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Demon Slayer: Nezuko Kamado — Tenevi_Hagane

Tenevi_Hagane is another cosplayer to have tackled a Demon Slayer cosplay this month, with the show continuing to generate a huge buzz, deciding to recreate fan-favorite character Nezuko Kamado.

She captured every detail of the look perfectly, with long wavy hair with red tips flowing over her pink kimono, along with the dark robe, sash, and ribbons.


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A post shared by Tenevi Cosplay Girl (@tenevi_hagane)

And of course, she’s included the trademark bamboo muzzle, which is an iconic part of Nezuko’s look, and definitely pulls the whole thing together in a great way.

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Combined with the beautiful scenery in the background, this cosplay was highly appreciated by fans of the show.

The cosplay community has dazzled fans with their incredible work over the last month, taking some of the most iconic characters to new levels, and thoroughly impressing anime fans across the internet.

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