League of Legends cosplayer gets straight A’s as amazing Battle Academia Caitlyn

Battle Academia Caitlyn cosplay by EhriRiot Games / Instagram: Ehri

A League of Legends cosplayer has taken the rest of the community to school, dressing up as the prim and proper Battle Academia Caitlyn ⁠— deserving straight A’s for the effort put in.

The Battle Academia skin line in League of Legends is one of the game’s most popular. Heavily influenced by hit anime My Hero Academia, Runeterra’s favorite champions are hitting the books once again with the student skins.

The new set of Battle Academia skins only just dropped on March 18, after League of Legends patch 11.6 went live. In them, a new skin for Piltovan sniper Caitlyn showed her dressed up prim and proper, ready to take on the (schooling) world.

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Battle Academia Caitlyn in League of LegendsRiot Games
Battle Academia Caitlyn is one of League’s newest skins, dropping on patch 11.6.

Cosplayer ‘ehri’ has managed to channel the same energy as the Labrys God-Weapon Academy class president.

Ehri put together the most exquisite Labrys uniform, with plenty of purple, red, and pink ⁠— just to match Caitlyn’s other skins. While there’s no big purple top hat, she does have a wonderful purple wig.

She even got the plating on the shoulder pads down pat, and finished it off with a wonderful cup of tea you know Caitlyn would indulge herself in after a long day at the Academy.

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All the cosplay is missing is Caitlyn’s massive sniper rifle, but you can hardly fault Ehri for not putting that beast together.


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The most amazing thing about this cosplay is how quick the turnaround is on it. The skin has barely been on live servers for a day, and it was only revealed two weeks ago.

Ehri shared the cosplay before the skin was even out! Getting together such an immaculate cosplay in such a short time deserves a high mark.

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“I’m happy with how this cosplay turned out. It was a very spontaneous decision, just in time for the skin release,” she said on Instagram.

With other champions like Leona and Yone also in the latest Battle Academia drop, it’s only a matter of time until we see more cosplays from the skin line.

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