League of Legends Battle Academia 2021 event: skins, missions, leaks

Andrew Amos
Battle Academia Yone in league of legends
Riot Games

The League of Legends Battle Academia 2021 event is here. It’s a small affair compared to regular events, but there’s still plenty players can pick up ahead of Space Groove’s launch on patch 11.7. Here’s what you need to know.

School’s in session in Runeterra. The Battle Academia 2021 event has arrived in League of Legends.

While there’s only a small class party this year, you can still pick up some handy goodies if you play a few games.

League of Legends Battle Academia 2021 skins

Six new skins, including a Prestige, were added in the Battle Academia 2021 event. Caitlyn, Garen, Wukong, Yone, and Leona joined the Labrys God-Weapon Academy, with the latter support receiving the gold-and-white remake.

The skins feature the five champions in their very best school uniforms ⁠— although the mischievous Wukong and Garen aren’t looking as prim and proper as Caitlyn.

Most of the skins will set you back 1350 RP. This excludes Caitlyn’s skin, which costs 1820 RP, and Leona’s Prestige skin, which costs 100 PP. You can buy all the skins in a bundle for 9970 RP, with some loading screen borders and icons on top.

League of Legends Battle Academia 2021 missions

There are a couple of missions in-game for players to complete in the Battle Academia 2021 event. It’s not like your regular event with tokens ⁠— it’s a small scale affair. However, there’s still some goodies you can pick up by completing them.

Here’s all the Battle Academia 2021 missions we know so far. We will update this list as more of them are made public.

Mission Objective Reward
First Day of School As a team kill three Dragons, or play five games 150 Blue Essence
Who Needs to Study? Earn 10,000 Gold, or play five games 350 Blue Essence
Midterms Earn 15 takedowns in a single game, or play five games Mystery Emote Permanent
Trigger Discipline Earn a CC score of 35 or more in a single game, or play five games Hextech Key
A Date for the Dance Play a game in a Party with one or more friends, or play five games Hextech Chest

More Battle Academia items in Space Groove event?

Battle Academia loot assets added in the League patch 11.6 PBE cycle have hinted at more to come for the event. Capsules have been added into the in-game shop, but orbs might be on the way too.

With the Space Groove event launching League patch 11.7, there’s potential other items ⁠— like borders, summoner icons, and chromas ⁠— are made available.

Currently, they are bundled together with the skins for RP, but you may be able to cash in some event tokens for them. We will keep you updated if Riot ends up adding Battle Academia items to the next event.