Which hypercar will The Stradman buy next?

Will Collette

Imagine a life in which a big part of your job is deciding which hypercar you’d like to add to your garage. That’s exactly how The Stradman, one of the biggest automotive YouTubers in the world, entertains his audience of millions.

Thanks to YouTube, he’s gone from pushing a broken Audi TT in the streets of LA to car shopping for some of the world’s fastest automobiles. In the last two months, he announced that he’s purchasing a new hypercar, and has been dropping clues along the way as to which one from his shopping list he’s going to plump for.

So what will he buy? Based on my research using The Stradman’s socials and supercar community news channel Life Of Palos, I’ve determined that there are six options – the Porsche 918, Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren Senna, Pagani Huayra, Bugatti Veyron, and the McLaren P1.

Porsche, Ferrari or McLaren Senna?

In one of The Stradman’s Instagram posts a few weeks ago, he replied to various comments and explained that he wouldn’t be purchasing hypercars such as the Bugatti or P1. However, in recent posts such as the YouTube vid below (from 13:30), he’s done a complete 180 with literally zero backlash from fans. So I guess we’re on board with anything as long as it’s fast and expensive.

I think we can knock out the 918 first. Although Porsche did an amazing job with this hybrid masterpiece, it just doesn’t excite people the way a P1 or Huayra would, so off you go Porsche.

We can easily eliminate a LaFerrari, since Stradman has already added a 430 Challenge car to his garage, and another high-end Ferrari wouldn’t diversify his fleet enough. Goodbye, Italian LAF.

The McLaren Senna seems like it would be a surefire bet because these are ultra-rare and even non-car enthusiasts would spill their morning coffee if one sped past their window.

But too many clues are pointing to the P1, such as his Instagram post found below, which makes me believe there’s only room for one McLaren in The Stradman’s life. So, see ya Senna.


Before we address the idea of a P1, I want to consider the work of art that is a Huayra. I haven’t seen many other YouTubers, with the exception of Manny Khoshbin, introduce Paganis to their channels. As of this week, Savage Garage might have some Pagani action on their channel too, which should be worth checking out.

The Huayra could be a great option for The Stradman, so I don’t think we can eliminate it so easily. It’s within budget and has been mentioned before as an option, but in recent Instagram posts, the P1 and Veyron have each had overwhelmingly more attention.

Yet the P1 seems like the most ideal option here, since it’s within his budget and also comes with the hype that his subscribers would expect from an epic vehicle like this. Although the P1 has made it to his recent Instagram posts, there is another vying for his attention: The Veyron.


Veyron Vs P1

So will The Stradman buy a new Bugatti? Well, the Veyron has been the hot item on his channel lately. He traveled to Scottsdale, Arizona for a recent vlog just to check out a blacked-out Bugatti, so that definitely seems like one he’s interested in.

Following the trip, his most recent Instagram post from just a week ago tells us that he’s made bids on a JDM car, a hypercar, and something totally out of left field.


We already know from a follow-up vlog that the JDM car was purchased by someone else, so now we are waiting to discover what the identity of the hypercar will be.

All we know for sure is that old cars have been sold, new cars are on the way, and here’s hoping that the mystery car has at least three axles.

Will Collette is an automotive YouTuber, photographer, and influencer manager. He works with many of the biggest names of the motoring scene, including the likes of Stradman, DDE, Life Of Palos, and many more.

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