TGE TV reveals cost of his fully specced 2020 Porsche 911 Turbo S 992

Connor Bennett
TGE TV next to a porsche 911 992 turbo s

[jwplayer h3XPfMqQ]Popular cars YouTuber Tom of TGE TV has revealed the price of his brand-new, fully kitted out Porsche 911 Turbo S 992, and it is quite a bit more than the usual list price.

Like plenty of other popular car content creators, TGE TV has amassed quite the collection of vehicles. Though, as the world turns, there are plenty of new cars out there to either buy or just get behind the wheel of. 

For TGE, his newest purchase has come in the form of an all-black Porsche 911 992 Turbo S. Upon taking delivery of the car, he linked up with fellow YouTuber Archie Hamilton to show it off.

Though, in his quest to fully kit the sports car out, he’s taken things above and beyond the usual list price of around £155,000. 

TGE TV with a Porsche 991 Turbo S 992
TGE specced out his new Porsche but he still has other plans.

Upon showing off his new purchase, TGE revealed that he had kitted the Porsche out with exclusive lights, wheels, and even carbon fiber wing mirrors. That’s all on top of the different design options on both the inside and outside of the car like seat stitchings and more. 

Seeing that it’s racked up quite the additional options, Archie asked TGE for a price. “This is £178,000. It’s not going to hold its money that well for the long term,” the YouTuber said. 

“It’s not going to hold its money, it’s not an investment car, I’m not going to be able to flip it – I’ll keep this for a while,” TGE also added. “You can put some miles on it, you can use it, you can get it out every day.”

Even though the car is already pretty kitted out, the YouTuber noted that he does still have some additional plans for changes, so the total cost will only continue to rise.

Though, as he said himself, it is something he is looking to keep a hold of for a while, so the total price will likely pay for itself in terms of content and overall enjoyment.