YouTuber Daily Driven Exotics responds to claims they “faked” employee confrontation

Dylan Horetski
Daily Driven Exotics

YouTube group Daily Driven Exotics has responded to backlash after uploading a video confronting a now-fired employee that viewers said felt fake.

With nearly four million subscribers on YouTube, everyone involved with YouTube group Daily Driven Exotics has made a name for themselves with near-constant uploads showing off high-dollar cars.

DDE uploaded a video showing off a Lamborghini Aventador that’s been around for a few weeks in late May 2024, but it ended up including a confrontation with a now-fired employee. Fans watching the since-deleted video were certain it was a skit and took to the comments claiming it was fake.

Daily Driven Exotic’s Damon Fryer and David Coulter uploaded a follow up responding to the backlash and revealed that the company will no longer be addressing situations involving employees in videos.

“A lot of people thought this was made up. First of all, that’s not a made up video,” said Damon. “That literally is how it unfolded. We never intended for that video to be like that. Dave had the intent to film a video about why this Aventador had been there for three weeks.

“We thought it would be fairly innocent and kind of a funny video about this ‘sketchy’ mechanic. Turns out Steven actually was sketchy and in that video, everything that unfolded was exactly how it unfolded.”

Damon went on to explain that they considered not even posting the video but, for the sake of transparency with viewers, they decided to do so. However, some fans enjoyed it while others were quite negative.

Due to the amount of negativity, the pair revealed that DDE will no longer share situations like this with the community on YouTube.

They then addressed the situation with Steven, claiming that he was lying to them and the customer about the Lamborghini Aventador at the shop.

This is far from the first time Daily Driven Exotics has gone viral. Back in 2023, Fryer caught a “shock” accident on film when his McLaren 720 GTR was crashed into a Dodge Challenger on the highway.

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