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YouTuber Stradman lists half of car collection for sale & reveals prices

Published: 26/May/2020 11:40 Updated: 26/May/2020 11:41

by Jacob Hale


Popular car YouTuber TheStradman is selling half of his car collection, and has told viewers his asking price for the likes of his Ford GT, a C8 Corvette, his heavily-modded Toyota Supra and more.

Stradman has become one of the most well-known car YouTubers on the platform, thanks especially to his unique taste and matching purple wraps he puts on most of his cars, amassing over 2.5 million subscribers.

Now, though, he’s revealed that those cars are up for sale, with four cars totalling almost $500,000 – which is actually quite a steal when you look at the individual prices.

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Instagram: thestradman
Stradman’s car collection is a pretty impressive one.

Stradman – real name James Condon – didn’t reveal why he was selling his collection, only hinting that there was something big coming in the future.

Needless to say, with the possibility of making half a million dollars, Condon must have some pretty impressive plans in motion.

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While much of his May 23 video was spent discussing the Toyota Supra and his more recently-acquired C8 Corvette, he revealed that he would be selling them all, telling viewers how much he’s looking for each vehicle and opening his emails to offers.

While he explains that it’s not all entirely set in stone, here are the prices he gives for each of the cars he’s looking to sell:


  • Toyota Supra – bidding starts at $70,000 (revealed earlier in the video)
  • C8 Corvette – $105,000
  • Ford GT – $250,000
  • Ford Focus RS – $32,000

(Timestamp 10:52)

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Condon did go on to say that while all these cars are up for sale, he might not necessarily sell them all, and it comes down to which ones sell first.

“More than likely, I will not be selling all four,” he said. “If the Corvette sells, if the Supra sells, maybe I can keep the Ford GT.”

He does add, though, that at £250,000, he believes the GT might be one of the cheapest in the nation, so buyers could be getting an absolute steal if they decide to pick this up.

Which cars he eventually ends up selling remains to be seen, but they all look to be pretty good deals, and it will be interesting to see how he decides to use the money for his next big project.