ZLaner reveals “absolutely busted” Warzone 2 perk that’s perfect for high-kill games

Alec Mullins
ZLaner streaming Warzone 2

ZLaner is one of the premier names in Warzone 2 and he has highlighted a “broken” perk that is a must-have for high-kill games.

Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane has discovered the strongest perk in all of Warzone 2 after the update that got Ultimate Perks functioning as intended.

According to the talented streamer, Birdseye is the only choice in that slot for those who are focusing on nabbing as many kills as possible, but it’s so strong that even reserved players should consider slapping it onto their perk packages.

ZLaner explains Warzone 2’s Birdseye Ultimate Perk and why it’s “completely broken”

For those out of the loop, Birdseye amplifies any UAVs called in by making them more like the Advanced UAV or Blackbird killstreaks of other CoD games.

While it doesn’t continuously reveal their location, it does show off which direction their facing, and if their dot moves in between sweeps then it’s easy enough to know that they’re on the go.

That would be potent on its own, but that upgrade isn’t just for friendly UAVs. This also happens for “a few sweeps” when enemy squads call theirs in as well.

“Usually the hardest part of going for a high-kill game is finding people,” he said. “But with Birdseye, you always know where to go.”

Lane and his usual duo Dr Disrespect have already aired their grievances about how easy it is to take advantage of this extra information, but a January 13 upload on his YouTube channel really adds some emphasis to his point.

His squad (composed of other Warzone 2 creators like StoneMountain64) put together a 58-kill win with ZLaner contributing 29 of those eliminations on his own.

It’s still not clear if the extra UAV pings from enemy squads are an intentional mechanic so anyone looking to take advantage of them should move quickly before any potential changes arrive.

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