Warzone 2 players delighted as “overpowered” Birdseye perk removed

Warzone 2 image next to Birdseye PerkActivision

The Warzone 2 developers have made the popular decision to remove the Birdseye perk and Revive pistol while fixing game-breaking bugs.

Warzone 2 introduced a new perk system, restricting players to a choice between different preset perk packages. Unfortunately, bugs prevented the system from working as intended.

Infinity Ward backtracked and announced players will finally be able to pick and choose their own desired perks as part of the Season 2 update.

The Battle Royale sequel’s perk system experienced another blow as players discovered an overpowered use for the Birdseye perk, forcing the developers to take action once again.

Birdseye perk temporarily removed from Warzone 2

warzone player hiding behind low barricadeActivision
Warzone 2 players uncovered an overpowered use for the Birdseye perk.

CoD content creator Zlaner labeled the Birdseye perk as “absolutely busted” because the perk allowed players to see enemy positions and the direction they were facing on the minimap whenever a UAV was called or the radar got a ping.

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Teams receiving near-live updates on an enemy’s location made it far too easy for players to abuse the feature.

On January 30, Raven Software announced, “the Birdseye perk has been disabled in Battle Royale until further notice while we balance it for future implementation into customizable perk packages.”

Survivor replaces Birdseye in perk packages, which pings enemy locations when downed and allows you to get revived faster by teammates.

Season 2 reintroduces the ability to customize perk packages, but the feature launches with a reduced pool of perks. Raven Software did not specify when Birdseye would return.

Warzone 2 community responds

Warzone 2 expert JGOD responded, “was a bit overpowered, so that makes sense.”

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CDL commentator MerK added, “hey team, loving this after the weekend. Great way to start the week.”

Not all community members praised Birdseye’s removal, as it raised the opportunity for engagements and increased the pace of gameplay.

WZ2 guru IceManIsaac claimed, “It was fun while it lasted. One UAV per buy, and now no Birdseye. Can we find a way to increase engagements (not more AI)?”

Players should still have no issues pinpointing enemy locations, as Season 2 adds more buy stations stocked with UAVs and makes it easier to earn cash.