StoneMountain64 reveals ‘dominant’ Warzone 2 secondary that rivals akimbo pistols

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StoneMountain64’s surprise hipfire secondary loadout is a real contender against the akimbo pistols that have dominated much of Warzone 2 thus far.

StoneMountain64 has established himself as one of the biggest creators in the Call of Duty space and it only takes a few minutes of watching his Warzone 2 gameplay to understand how.

Not only is he supremely skilled, but he’s also not afraid to go against the meta and explore options other players haven’t caught onto.

That openness is directly responsible for his discovery of a powerful secondary that might be a better fit than the akimbo pistols in some situations

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StoneMountain64’s secondary hipfire loadout in Warzone 2

As explained in a January 9 video on his YouTube channel, Mr. Mountain slapped the VEL 46 on as a secondary after getting spammed with requests for it.

While hipfire builds of all kinds have been the talk of the town on TikTok, the trusty double handgun setup is a tough one to replace, so any challenger would have to be incredibly strong to dethrone it.

However, after going on a three-win streak with this build (and even winning a one-on-one gunfight against the pistols), he decided that there was really some juice behind the concept: “Oh, we just beat the akimbos. Holy s**t, now I feel even more confident with this VEL…”

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Here’s the loadout as it stood in his third win in a row:

  • Barrel: LACH-165 ZULU
  • Laser: POINT-G3P 04
  • Underbarrel: VX PINEAPPLE
  • Magazine: 50-ROUND MAGAZINE

As seen in the video embedded above, this thing can keep up with the absolute best in the game and the bullet spread makes it so easy to snap to enemies and out-strafe them before they even realize what’s happened.

It might seem like a strange choice now, though if the Fennec or the pistols aren’t getting the job done, consider giving it a try.