xQc confronts and exposes Warzone hacker in bizarre stream sniper interview

Michael Gwilliam
xQc observes hacker in Warzone

Twitch icon Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel confronted and exposed a Warzone hacker on stream after the notorious rule-breaker proceeded to stream-snipe and hunt the French Canadian.

Warzone has been plagued by hackers for a long time with nothing seemingly being done to combat the numerous waves of cheaters haunting players.

xQc wasn’t immune to these antics either and found himself being targeted by a player amusingly named ReportMeIHack with xQcOW as his clan tag — a clear indicator that he was stream sniping the Twitch star — something that has enraged him in the past.

During a recent broadcast, instead of just leaving the game and queuing again, xQc decided instead to engage with the hacker who continued to watch his stream, resulting in a bizarre interview of sorts.

Lengyel even encouraged the hacker to show him the ridiculous things they could do with their cheating software and witnessed the abuser secure frags through walls without even looking where they were shooting.

“Is he using Magic Bullet like in Overwatch?” the former OWL pro asked. “It’s a thing that makes you look like you’re hitting your shot even though you’re not hacking?”

With that, the hacker proceeded to nod up and down, indicating that Lengyel was right about what was going on.

“So, this is a hack like one that was in Overwatch called Magic Bullet. The way it worked was you would hit your shots even if you’re not looking at your target. So, if you’re close, your shots are going to hit and it’s going to look like you’re not hacking,” xQc explained, showcasing his own knowledge.

The madness was far from over. The hacker would answer a lot of xQc’s questions by spraying bullets into walls to form words for Lengyel to read, resulting in a weird Q&A session of sorts.

According to the hacker, while they would occasionally be banned, it was never permanent. Plus, Felix even got the player to admit their hack only cost them $20. A wildly small price to pay to ruin games for hundreds of others.

“Twenty bucks and you get to f**k everybody up,” xQc groaned.

As for how he was able to avoid IP and machine bans, the hacker had an answer for that too. “VPN Spoofer,” they wrote by spraying bullets in a wall.

When it was all said and done, the hacker ended up winning the game with ease, but not before Felix could get a final word in.

“The anti-cheats and the systems are not good enough to counteract it,” he said in response to viewers not wanting to give the hacker a platform. “It’s going to be complete degeneracy!”

It seems highly unlikely that Activision will be able to get its hacker problem under control any time soon, given the state the game has been in for so long.

Chalk this up as just another streamer having his game ruined by cheaters, but at least xQc was able to get some pretty unique content out of it.

As for the hacker, when asked about if they had any plans to do anything with their life, they just put down a spray of an anime girl and a heart, so one can assume they’re definitely going places.