xQc explodes as Warzone stream snipers overrun his Twitch stream: “It’s so cringe!”

xQc Warzone Stream Sniper rageTwitch: xQc / Raven Software

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel just wanted a few casual games of Warzone to round out his Twitch stream. What he got was anything but, with the star being overrun by “cringe” stream snipers game after game.

When xQc jumps into any game ⁠— whether it be Rust, GTA RP, or Warzone ⁠— there’s an inevitable share of stream snipers who tries to make his life miserable.

Booting up the Call of Duty battle royale again on his July 25 stream is much like the definition of insanity to Lengyel: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Within a game or two, his games were full of stream snipers, with a decent chunk of every lobby jumping on his head, and either punching him up or mowing him down. He got quickly fed up as players came from every angle to just swarm on the Twitch star.

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“I’m just done dude. If you’re going to be like that ⁠— you’re such a f**king cucklord. What can I do against that,” he screamed after one punch-up.

“It’s like sniper express this game, it’s just unfun. It’s impossible to fight off all the snipers, there’s too many of them. It’s so cringe. I can’t do anything.”

Viewers suggested he put on a delay to try and stop snipers, which the streamer mocked.

“Yeah I’m going to put delay on stream, I’m going to do a camera chromatic change where you can’t see what I’m chewing. I’m going to mute the mic, mute the audio, mute the game, remove the game. I’ll end the stream then start it when I’m inside the game and halfway done.

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“You got me, I have to do it otherwise I want to get sniped, and then what?”

xQc even went as far as saying “if you’re in my game and you snipe, I’ll actually call Blizzard and get you banned.”

“What do you mean ‘I make so many excuses?’ I drop in the middle of nowhere and I get eight players on me, what are you on about you f**kwad? Of course it’s sniping. Nobody is going to contest that. Everybody doing that are delusional cuck idiot hate watchers,” he said.

It’s no different from a lot of his previous experiences playing any other game. However, such comes with the fame of being one of the biggest broadcasters on the platform — whether xQc likes it or not.

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