CoD players divided as classic Black Ops 2 map causes Mandela Effect

Jaret Kappelman

Call of Duty players are no strangers to heated debates about the game. However, in this latest argument we see how one of Black Ops 2’s classic map, Standoff, causes the Mandela effect to sweep over people.

There have been many great debates to surface in the CoD community. For instance arguing the greatest dynasty of CoD esports or the best gun of all time, just to name a couple.

Players were recently in a huge debate all because of Dallas Empire player Indervir ‘iLLeY’ Dhaliwal. He seemingly broke CoD twitter and caused the Mandela Effect to plague the community — all because of a sign in a map that’s existed in CoD for years.

The CDL pro posted a picture from the Black Ops 2 map Standoff that struck the emotions of many personalities and, well, the rest of it is up to you to decide if you agree with iLLeY or not.

standoff black ops 2
Standoff created quite the controversy when iLLey tweeted out a picture of the map claiming a sign was just added.

Mandela Effect takes over Call of Duty community 

If you’ve ever wondered what the Mandela Effect is, it’s when you believe that a distorted memory is in fact real. iLLeY ensued chaos when he took to Twitter to he claim that Cold War’s latest patch added this sign to Standoff, a map that was brought back to the game with Season 3.

This had the community absolutely torn debating if the sign was in fact there before the update and in Black Ops 2.

Everyone that’s ever played Standoff was questioning everything and trying to think back nine years to when the map was first released. Some people saying it was there the whole time and other players denying its existence.

This was such a hard debate and we had to know for ourselves what everyone thought, so we took to Twitter and asked what side you were on.

The community gives their thoughts

Turns out that 52% of the community thinks that this sign was just added to the game and has not been there. This just further provoked members of the community to lend their voice to the cause.

100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag joined in on the controversy. He was absolutely shocked, believing that this sign was never in the Black Ops 2 map.

He also says, “This is the greatest example of the Mandela Effect that I’ve ever witnessed.” We can confirm that this sign has indeed been a part Standoff in the same location for its entire existence.

As Nadeshot mentioned, this is in fact a great example of the Mandela Effect and it created a fun debate across the scene.

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