Warzone players baffled by how much better CoD Mobile & Cold War’s gunsmiths are

Gunsmith in WarzoneActivision

When building the best loadout in Warzone, players try hundreds of combinations to create the best weapon that suits them. However many are mindblown that Black Ops Cold War and CoD Mobile have so much more detail, which would be extremely helpful in Verdansk. 

Warzone players are constantly bringing up how milliseconds can make or break them in a gunfight and having certain attachments can play a huge role in that outcome.

Many streamers and pros are switching around attachments to create the weapon that can aim down sights, reload, and kill the fastest — all while making sure there is little to no recoil.

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Now imagine how much easier it would be to make that weapon if players could see the exact percentage they were tuning.

Warzone Attachment DetailsActivision
The Gunsmith in Warzone doesn’t show specific numbers just a graph of what the attachments change.

Cold War & CoD Mobile Gunsmith gives detailed stats

Warzone content creator JGOD sparked community intrigue when he tweeted out a picture of the gunsmith from CoD Mobile and how detailed it is.

This set the community off because the gunsmith in CoD Mobile and Black Ops Cold War lets you see exactly what changes certain attachments are making on your gun.

Specifically, the gunsmith features show percentages for each category that the attachment is altering.

This could be a game-changer for Warzone as players would be able to see, for example, how much faster certain scopes will aim down sights or how much faster a gun will reload with a certain magazine equipped.

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One person replied to JGOD’s tweet saying they were confused as to why Cold War can have detailed stats with specifics, but Warzone just leaves players guessing.

The community thinks it makes zero sense that Cold War has detailed stats for attachments but Warzone doesn’t. One person believes it shouldn’t be difficult to integrate it over from Cold War if the devs are working together.

If this feature is implemented over to Warzone it would make people’s lives a lot easier. Since players already turn to creators like JGOD and TrueGameData for accurate stats, having this change in the game would seemingly be beneficial to everyone.

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