Twitch Rivals streamer banned for cheating in $75k Warzone tournament

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Twitch Rivals has confirmed that they have removed a player and launched an investigation, after a streamer was accused of cheating in one of their tournaments.

Twitch Rivals’ EU Warzone Showdown is currently ongoing, with $75,000 on the line in each region, with NA tournament to follow.

Popular Warzone streamer Fifakill first made the accusation on Twitter, alleging that a player participating in the custom lobby was hacking.

In a follow-up Tweet, Fifakill said that despite reports from players, a Twitch Rivals admin advised competitors to continue playing, and that the streamer in question would be allowed to continue to play.

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The streamer accused of cheating is called DavskaR, a Czech streamer who is partnered on Twitch, with over 8,000 followers.

A number of clips have been shared on social media, which fellow players allege show the use of an aimbot.

UK-based Warzone player Jukeyz posted a clip from a stream showing the same segment, surprised that the streamer was allowed to continue playing.

Twitch Rivals removes player

Twitch Rivals community manager CloudFuel has confirmed that the player has now been removed from the tournament, and an investigation has been launched.

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DavskaR banned on Twitch

DavskaR’s Twitch channel is now no longer available on the platform, almost certainly due to a ban. Cheating in online games violates Twitch’s terms of service.

Of course, if found to be cheating, DavskaR would also be banned from playing Warzone.

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