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When will Warzone’s Blueprint Blitz event return?

Published: 7/Aug/2021 17:16

by Jaret Kappelman


The highly-anticipated Blueprint Blitz event finally arrived after Warzone’s Season Four Reloaded update, however, it didn’t last long. Raven took the event offline following issues, but it should return.

Blueprint Blitz was teased a while ago when the Season Four Reloaded patch first dropped. This event was coming to bring players the opportunity to earn past season’s blueprints.

To earn these blueprints, players must complete two normal contracts before a Contraband Contract will then spawn. Players must safely deliver that to the drop zone, defend it until it has been extracted, and then you will unlock the blueprint.


However, lots of players were reporting that after completing these steps they still were not receiving any blueprints. Understandably, they weren’t happy.

The Blueprint Blitz event was live for a couple hours before being disabled.

Is Blueprint Blitz coming back in Season Four?

Raven Software announced that they will be temporarily disabling the event as many reports have come in that it is broken. They also stated that they are working on a solution for whatever is causing these issues to happen. However, it is still not back live yet.

Reports from players were saying that they completed all the necessary steps in the event to unlock blueprints. However, after they completed the match they were in and loaded back in the lobby, they were missing the blueprint that should’ve been unlocked.



Numerous Reddit posts have been surfacing in the community, this one posted by ‘Flygon_Yeet_9987’ is one of many that shows the blueprint not being permanently unlocked after completing the contracts and the match.

My Teal Drop 1911 Contraband Blueprint didn’t show up in my armory after i completed both the contract and match from CODWarzone

Other players were responding to the threads, confirming that they were having similar issues, and speculated that the entire event was completely broken.

There has been no confirmation on when the event will return but players can stay hopeful that this issue is resolved soon given that the devs haven’t said that they’re canceling the event.

If anything changes, we’ll be sure to update this article.