When is Warzone’s The End of Verdansk event? Start date, what to expect, more

When is Warzone's The End of Verdansk event? Start date, what to expect, moreActivision

With the new Warzone Pacific map on the horizon, players must say goodbye to the current one. Here’s everything to know about The End of Verdansk event, its start date, expectations, and more.

As we prepare for the arrival of Vanguard Season 1 and the Warzone Pacific map on December 8, developers have treated fans to a Secrets of the Pacific event.

This has given players an opportunity to find out hints of Caldera and what it entails before actually getting a good look at what it has to offer.

However, before we get to the new map, we must say goodbye to the current one through The End of Verdansk. Here’s everything we know so far.

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Warzone The End of Verdansk start date

Warzone mapActivision
Verdansk will be destroyed once and for all as the Pacific map takes over.

When the new Warzone map was originally revealed, fans also found out that the destruction of Verdansk will start on December 3.

However, with the delay of Season 1 and Caldera, that could be pushed back to December 7. At the time of writing, there hasn’t been a confirmation from Activision on this being moved back but we will update you when we find out.

Warzone The End of Verdansk expectations

Through Call of Duty’s blog, we know that the destruction will not be instant as they said, “The destruction begins.”

stadium warzone destroyed season 6Activision
Warzone players can expect to complete in-game challenges to earn rewards for The End of Verdansk.

But this could certainly be the final time we see Verdansk in Warzone. Activision said, “Expect a spectacular and fitting end to your time in Verdansk as we say farewell to the Kastovian city… forever?”

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The last time something like this happened, a nuke was dropped onto Verdansk as we transitioned to Verdansk ‘84. If that were to occur again then it is likely to kill everything in sight, leading us to Caldera for the foreseeable future.

Like most in-game events, there could be challenges that will grant rewards such as calling cards, emblems, and weapon blueprints. We will update you when more information is available.

For now, start preparing for the end as it’s almost time to wave Verdansk goodbye and say hello to the Warzone Pacific island of Caldera.