Verdansk nuked & blown up in Warzone Season 3 Nuke Event


It’s happened. It’s finally happened. The highly anticipated Nuke Event in Call of Duty: Warzone has begun, and the first big moment of the event was Verdansk seemingly getting completely blown up by a nuclear missile.

For live updates and streams of this entire event, make sure to stay tuned to our Warzone Nuke Event hub here.

The Warzone Nuke Event, officially called Operation Rapid Sunder, kicked off on April 21 at 3PM ET, beginning what will likely be a 24-hour process that leads into Season 3 and the next new map.

Players queued into a brand new playlist called ‘Destruction of Verdansk Part 1,’ which saw them load into Verdansk along with a bunch of zombies, forced to battle it out or join the undead in a frenzied battle.

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At one point, a big countdown appeared on the screen, along with a voice saying, “it is too late for exfil,” after which a cinematic pops up showing a missile emerging from one of the silos and destroying all of Verdansk.

What’s next in the Warzone Nuke Event?

Following the destruction of Verdansk with the missile, Call of Duty released a new blog post that hinted at Rebirth Island (Warzone’s other map) being involved in the next part(s) of the event.

“Calling all Operators. This is Rebirth Island Comms Outpost Whiskey broadcasting on all emergency channels. We have just lost contact with Armistice Central Command in Verdansk following a massive spike in radiation. We apologize for breaking decorum… But anyone know what the hell just happened?”

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Server crashes plague beginning of Warzone Nuke Event

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Destruction of Verdansk Part 1 playlist had its fair share of hitches at the start. Once the lobby timer got down to a certain time, the servers would freeze and crash, sending everyone back to the main menu, where they would have to queue back into the playlist and start it over again.

Fortunately, Activision were able to patch it up before too long, sending out a quick playlist update that seemingly fixed everyone’s issues and allowed them to enjoy the event without any more crashes.