Warzone’s killstreaks and vehicles now interact in a new way

Infinity Ward

A hidden change in the latest Warzone update has tweaked how killstreaks and vehicles interact in the battle royale mode.

Several tweaks seem to have snuck through in the latest Call of Duty Warzone update, without being addressed in the full patch notes.

From a surprise RPG buff, to a Combat Knife change that will have you reconsidering your loadout. Killstreaks have now been targeted as well, as a surprising new change alters their interaction with vehicles.

Infinity Ward
Vehicles now interact with killstreaks in a new way.

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Since the release of Warzone on March 10, killstreaks and vehicles acted independently. If players wanted to use a UAV for instance, they would need to quickly step out of any given vehicle to trigger it.

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That is no longer the case due to a surprising change that went unannounced in the latest update according to Raven Software Creative Director Amos Hodge.

“Did you notice a small little change to vehicles in Warzone? Passengers can now use kill streaks while in a vehicle!”

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From helicopters to SUVs, players can now activate their killstreaks from inside any of Warzone’s five vehicles. Well, so long as they’re not in the driver’s seat, that is.

This means that you can rain down destruction from above with a Cluster Strike all while safely moving through the map in a car with your team.

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Or you could even activate an advanced UAV from the skies as players trigger their streaks while in a helicopter. This slight change may appear small on paper, but it could prove to have major ramifications in the pace of Warzone moving forward.

Infinity Ward
Players can now activate killstreaks while sitting inside a vehicle.

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There’s no telling why such a change was excluded from the April 8 patch notes, but expect to see killstreaks used much more haphazardly now that they can be called in on the fly.

Plenty of other changes also made their way through in the latest update without being shared. Here’s a full rundown on everything you may have missed.

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