JGOD reveals forgotten Warzone setting that improves accuracy

Jaret Kappelman
JGOD reveals forgotten Warzone setting that improves accuracy

If you have been struggling with aiming since the Warzone Pacific update came out, then you’re at the right place. JGOD reveals a new setting that players have forgotten about that helps improve accuracy.

Warzone has over 150 different weapons and there are over 20 different sights to put on each of them.

Every optic provides a gun with certain stats as well as a different length of zoom. While most scopes are viable it’s important to have a sensitivity for each one.

This is why JGOD brought up a Warzone setting that players may not be aware of that makes it so much easier to aim with different sights equipped.

JGOD shows Warzone ADS setting to help aim

With the Warzone Pacific update, there was a new setting added which allows players to change their aiming sensitivity for each specific optic zoom in the game.

In a YouTube video, JGOD shows why this is extremely important for players to use and how it heavily impacts gunfights.

Since this was new with the Pacific update JGOD claims that many people haven’t noticed that this was added as previously there was only a “high” and “low” setting to use.

By setting each individual zoom sensitivity, players can now control how fast they are moving depending on what type of loadout they prefer.

JGOD Warzone setting chart
Here is a chart that breaks down this Warzone setting.

When looking at JGOD’s graph you can see on the bottom portion how much longer it takes to make a complete revolution. This means that your line of sight is moving around slower, making it easier to control your aim.

You will need to test different sensitivities for each zoom as it will come down to personal preference to find the right speed you want. However, JGOD said this can be extremely useful as ground loot is more popular this season with the loadout drop change.

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