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Warzone YouTuber reveals how “broken” sliding can be fixed

Published: 26/Oct/2021 21:30 Updated: 27/Oct/2021 10:27

by Theo Salaun


A Call of Duty: Warzone YouTuber has broken down the game’s sliding and slide-canceling mechanics. And, in doing so, he proves just how broken the movement is and shows why it needs another fix.

In an in-depth video, ‘BurterSpeed’ dove into tons of “little” problems with Warzone. And it’s quite interesting, as some of the issues raised wouldn’t occur to the average player.

One such example is sliding, which Burter has evidently spent a lot of time dissecting. Unlike the analyst’s concern with the mounting mechanic, the sliding one feels more nuanced. Raven Software have tried to tackle it before, but their efforts were in vain.


As Burter shows in his video, the problem with sliding in Warzone is a niche one — but one that actually has large implications. It might not feel super obvious, but it explains a lot of uncomfortable deaths.

Warzone sliding broken on different surfaces

(For mobile users, segment begins at 7:18.)

In essence, sliding on various places in Warzone is bugged in such a way that you cannot aim downward: “Sliding on slanted surfaces is almost as unpleasant as taking ziplines. As your camera gets locked in such a way that it is impossible to look down.”

Burter notes that this was once a bigger issue, but Raven’s attempt to fix it in August basically avoided the root problem. 


Instead of being able to slide on steeper angles now, your character simply crouches. This is obviously unideal, as sliding down a rooftop would be better for avoiding gunfire than just crouching atop it.

warzone building near military base
Infinity Ward
Warzone is full of buildings with slanted rooftops.

Not only are players now prevented from sliding on steep slants now, but the camera lock still exists elsewhere. Burter showed examples of mountains and rooftop edges, where players can’t look downward while sliding.

In sum, he asks a simple question to Warzone’s devs: “Is it too much to ask that I never have to worry about a bug that is equivalent to my controller not working after I slide?”


It remains unclear why the camera lock bug exists, but we’ll see if Raven address the issue again after their failed August attempt. For now, at least it’s useful to know that sometimes the high ground isn’t as useful an advantage as one would think.