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Warzone streamers Swagg & JoeWo already know their Pacific Day 1 drop spots

Published: 1/Dec/2021 21:55

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone’s Pacific map has been revealed and the game’s top streamers already know where they’re dropping. Here are the Caldera POIs that have caught Swagg, JoeWo, and others’ attention.

With about a week until Pacific launches, Warzone fans got some proper looks at the new Caldera map. After seeing the full overview, and hearing about all the coming gameplay changes, the game’s best are planning their drops early.

While everyone liked central spots like Superstore and Hospital in Verdansk, things may be changing for Pacific’s Caldera. FaZe Clan’s Swagg and NRG’s JoeWo are each eyeing perimeter drops, which is relatively new for them.


On the other hand, OpTic TeeP can’t decide where he wants to land — but he has whittled the list down to three locations toward the center.

Here are the Day 1 spots Warzone’s streamers have their eyes on…

FaZe Swagg: Docks in Warzone Pacific

Swagg already knows. The streamer and tourney player immediately chose Docks, proof of some impressive instincts since that’s precisely where a version of the Shipment map will be.

He’ll need to be careful though, as LuckyChamu already promised to land at Airfield… and quickly rotate to Docks. But Lucky won’t be alone at Airfield either because the south-west POI has JoeWo’s attention too.


NRG JoeWo: Warzone Pacific’s Airfield

Known as Warzone’s “Movement King,” JoeWo wants to drop Airfield for his first taste of Pacific violence. He’s likely to find Lucky there, but probably won’t be seeing Swagg until the later circles.

The guy in the middle of it all is likely to be TeeP. He already chose Fields, Mine, or Peak as his first drop spot on Pacific Day 1. Those central landing spots would each put him somewhere in between Swagg and the Lucky, JoeWo side of things.

If the big streamers are figuring out their landing spots this early, the rest of us should probably start preparing too. If you want to catch up on all of the other gameplay changes and adjustments coming with Vanguard’s integration in Season 1, check out the full Pacific patch notes.