Warzone streamers baffled by new Pacific contract: "Stream sniping on crack" - Dexerto
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Warzone streamers baffled by new Pacific contract: “Stream sniping on crack”

Published: 1/Dec/2021 0:09

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific is bringing new contracts in Vanguard Season 1. And one, the Big Game contract, has streamers concerned — as Swagg, Santana, and MuTeX are concerned it encourages “stream sniping” behavior.

If you’ve played Warzone’s Plunder mode before, you know just how deadly it can be to have the most money on the map. You become highlighted (by a fat, red bag of cash) on everyone’s map and people typically flock to steal your goods.

Well, that kind of energy is coming to regular Warzone too. In the new Pacific Vanguard Season 1 patch notes, the developers explained that a Big Game contract was on its way. And it’s already earned confusion and some concern from the game’s biggest streamers.


Essentially, Big Game is like a Bounty contract… except it highlights the player with the most kills in the game. So, yeah, it’s basically going to pin a target on every streamer’s back as soon as they start racking up the stats.

Warzone streamers worried about Pacific’s Big Game contract

FaZe Clan’s Santana was one of the first streamers to express confusion about the new contract. And he chose to do so in colorful fashion, calling it “stream sniping on crack.” 

The concern is obvious: if you’re having a high-kill game, as streamers typically do, this contract will give enemies your location. Instead of stream snipers needing to find your Twitch to figure out your location, the game will tell people itself.


Other streamers, like FaZe Swagg and MuTeX were also baffled by the contract. Swagg responded with a “wtf is this,” while MuTeX said it “will either be super fun or absolutely terrible.”

Although MuTeX called it the “find the streamer” contract, he seemed open to it being fun. This is likely helped by the fact that the contract will only work on a player once per match, meaning streamers won’t just constantly have a bounty on their heads.

Warzone Pacific Season 1 launches on December 8/9, at which point players will be able to get in there and test everything out themselves. From Big Game contracts to shallow water, there should be a lot of new shenanigans to enjoy on the colorful Caldera map.