How to fix dev errors in Warzone 2

Ryan Lemay
Warzone 2 art with operator watching players parachuting in, with Warzone 2 logo in corner

Game crashes and server performance issues have plagued Warzone 2 since Season 3 Reloaded began. Fortuntaley, there is a simple trick to avoid the dreaded dev error message.

Infinity Ward and the supporting Warzone 2 teams have had their hands full since the start of Season 3 Reloaded. On April 20, Activision announced an investigation into server issues plaguing battle royale sequel matches.

A fix eventually rolled out, but not before two postponements to the World Series of Warzone. Unfortunatley, server stability issues are not new to Call of Duty, and this also applies to game crashes.

Warzone 2 has had its fair share of game-crashing issues since its launch, but fortunately, there is an easy solution.

How to fix a dev error in Warzone 2

On May 22, FPS content creator TheTacticalBrit unearthed a simple workaround for players experiencing a dev error.

A dev error can occur for multiple reasons, including playing the game without administrative permission or if the servers go down. The issue can be especially annoying when a game crashes in the middle of a session.

A glitch briefly showed a rejoin match feature in WZ2, but there is still no way to join back a game if your game crashes. WZ2 Ranked Play doesn’t currently have any protections against game crashes either, so players could potentially unfairly lose Skill Rating if they experience any issues.

The TacticalBrit claimed: “If you are Dev erroring in Warzone 2, delete all your loadouts. Make new ones from scratch without blueprints or camos.”

Redoing every loadout is a bit of a tedious task and could require some time to readjust every attachment tuning again, but it may be worth it to prevent more game crashes.

He assured fans that this fix could prevent players from losing any unnecessary SR in Ranked Play.