Warzone 2 streamer Aydan explains decision to “step away” from the game

Aydan is moving on from Warzone 2.NYSL Aydan

Aydan, one of the biggest names in competitive Warzone, has announced that he will be moving away from battle royale content.

Modern Warfare 2 has been a true test of will for content creators and community members, marking an endpoint for some of the most passionate people in the scene. CDL veterans Scump and Methodz both called it a career after over 10 years.

Legendary CoD sniper Spratt moved on from multiplayer content after dedicating 15 years to creating sniper montages.

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And now, the retirement bug spread from multiplayer into the battle royale sphere, as one of Warzone’s most decorated competitors has decided to step away temporarily.

Aydan set to pause on making Warzone 2 content

Warzone 2 visibility sniperActivison
Warzone Season 2 Reloaded rebalanced the game’s meta and removed AI enemies from Ashika Island.

Aydan has earned the second most money in competitive Warzone history, raking in over $400,000 dollars. After dominating in Fortnite, the talented competitor transitioned seamlessly into Warzone and took over the scene.

Despite all of the accolades and success, on March 27, Aydan announced he is stepping away from creating Warzone 2 content and competing. He attributed his decision to the battle royal sequel failing to provide an enjoyable or rewarding experience.

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“I feel like the game is super stale right now. There’s nothing new and exciting about it.

“Super letdown on the game’s competitive side, and there is no new content, so it makes it super hard making YouTube videos.”

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Warzone 2’s competitive scene has failed to take off since the sequel launched back in November. No tournament has come close to the $100,000 OpTic Texas Warzone 2 Kickoff Tournament in November in terms of the prize pool.

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And besides the C.O.D.E Bowl in December, Activision has not hosted any LAN Warzone 2 events.

“Wagers are super dead. We only had a few big tournaments since the start of the game. We really only have Twitter tournaments now, and the prize pool isn’t that rewarding.”

As for what’s next, Aydan announced that he plans to dabble in Fortnite Creative 2.0 but will primarily focus on Ranked Play content and a few other single-player games mixed in.

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Aydan didn’t rule out a potential comeback. He will return for Season 3 and see if it accomplishes enough to reignite his passion for the game.

Based on the Season 2 Battle Pass timer, we expect Season 3 to begin on April 12.

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