OpTic TeeP is worried about WSOW amid ongoing Warzone 2 server issues

TeeP's Warzone 2 squad was made up of some of the most deadly players in the game and their Nuke quest was interrupted by a bug.Activision

OpTic TeeP slammed the Warzone 2 developers for not improving server performance in time for the World Series of Warzone.

Warzone 2 community members have reported an uptick in server issues since the launch of Season 3. Players raised concerns over bullet registration, delayed actions, and massive frame drops.

On April 20, Activision announced: “We are investigating reports of server-related gameplay issues and are actively working to resolve them.”

The developers added the issue to its Trello board, allowing players to keep track of the investigation’s process. The clock is ticking for a resolution as the World Series of Warzone looms near.

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OpTic TeeP fears the worst for Warzone 2 WSOW servers

The World Series of Warzone has been an annual event since it first launched in 2021. Teams from across the world compete in qualifier matches, culminating in a final showdown. The 2023 iteration of the tournament features two stages and a $1.2 million prize pool.

Stage 1 Qualifiers begin on April 28. Just two days before WSOW matches start, OpTic TeeP experienced severe server issues, and asked: “How are they going to run a 1.2$ million dollar tournament? Does anyone know?”

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TeeP took aim at the developers by captioning his Tweet: “We are investigating reports of server-related gameplay issues and are actively working to resolve them.” This is word-for-word what Activision said in its statement about server problems.

All WSOW Qualifier matches take place online, and unstable servers could spell disaster for players attempting to win a lion’s share of 1.2$ million. Only the Global Final will be a LAN event.

The former professional CoD player is not the only community member to slam poor server performance. FaZe Swagg put it simply, “Warzone 2 servers are unplayable,” and JGOD labeled Warzone 2’s net code as “pretty bad.”

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Unfortunately, the developers did not provide a timetable for the investigation or any insight about specific Warzone 2 changes coming.

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