MW3 players frustrated by long wait for Event tab fixes

Brianna Reeves
mw3 event tab

MW3 and Warzone developers say a fix for the missing Event tab will go live in the weeks ahead; needless to say, players aren’t happy about the long wait.

Around the time of CODMAS event drop, Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone players started noticing that the Event tab had gone missing. Several people have claimed the problem started long before then.

The issue isn’t affecting all users but it’s enough to warrant concern. After all, those without the tab had trouble tracking their progress throughout the CODMAS festivities.

Some players have bypassed the headache by simply restarting their game. Not everyone enjoys such luck. Fortunately, the developers are aware of the missing Event tab. Unfortunately, the wait for a solution could persist for quite some time.

MW3 players call out devs over ongoing Event tab troubles

On January 3, the official Call of Duty Updates account on Twitter/X noted developers are aware that some players lack access to the Event tab.

The post suggested it’s not a particularly urgent matter, considering MW3 and Warzone users can still progress through Events and unlock rewards. As such, a fix should go live “in the coming weeks.”

Users in the comments aren’t happy about the MW3 and Warzone Event tab news, as evidenced by one person replying, “Weeks? What takes so long…”

In the same vein, someone else chimed in with, “weeks for an events tab that’s been gone for months and more than 3 events now?”

Others blasted the team for quickly deploying fixes for paid bundles, while things like the Event tab remain a low priority. One such comment reads, “They can fix a bundle that costs money within minutes but a gameplay bug within weeks.” The user made sure that a meme of Floyd Mayweather surrounded by bundles of cash accompanied their post.

While tackling the Event tab bug isn’t a top priority, MW3 players can at least rest assured that a fix is planned. As of writing, though, the developers have yet to narrow down a specific date and time.