Aydan hits back at Warzone 2 hacker accusations: “They need to get better”

Ryan Lemay
Aydan in black NYSL hoodie on Ashika Island in Warzone 2

Aydan defended himself against cheating accusations in Warzone 2 Ranked Play, providing evidence to clear his name.

Accumulating over $400,000 in his career, Aydan has established himself as one of the fiercest competitors in Warzone history. Despite becoming the second-highest-earning Warzone player, his passion slightly fizzed away while playing the battle royale sequel.

In March, Aydan announced he was stepping away from creating WZ2 content and competing. He attributed his decision to the game failing to provide an enjoyable or rewarding experience. Everything changed just a few weeks later when Activision announced the $1.2m World Series of Warzone.

Aydan returned to the scene, but it hasn’t come without lingering frustrations.

Warzone 2 cheating accusations shut down by Aydan

MW2 and WZ2 introduced a new reporting system, so players can take matters into their own hands when dealing with hackers and toxic users. However, community members have bashed the system for incorrectly banning players.

CDL pros have also been falsely banned, preventing them from playing Ranked Play matches. Accusing others of cheating is nothing new in the COD community, and pro players know how to defend themselves.

During a Warzone 2 Ranked Play match, Aydan revived a teammate and then immediately turned and shredded an enemy on a roof. The opponent accused the battle royale expert of cheating, forcing Aydan to explain how he pulled off the highlight play.

In the clip, Aydan clearly says he hears the enemy climbing the ladder. He faced his body toward the opposite side of the roof, so it would be easier to engage in a gunfight after completing the revive animation.

“People watch too many hacker hunters,” Aydan claimed. “They just need to get better and worry about themselves.”

Cheating accusations will most likely rear their ugly head again during the WSOW Stage 1 Qualifiers, which has still yet to receive a date after being delayed.

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