Warzone 2 streamers pleading for server fixes ahead of the $1.2m tournament

Filip Krawanski
alejandro sniping in cod warzone 2

Warzone 2 players are making desperate pleas to Activision, asking the company to fix Warzone 2’s server issues so they can practice ahead of and compete in the World Series of Warzone 2023 tournament with a total prize pool of $1.2 million.

On April 6 Call of Duty Esports Twitter announced the “biggest Call of Duty Warzone 2 event ever,” the World Series of Warzone 2023 with an incredible $1.2 million prize pool.

This is exciting news for skilled players, streamers, and pros from across the globe, as the first stage of the tournament will welcome everyone who simply registers via the official website of the event.

But serious prizes bring serious competition, some players eying the prize have asked Activision and the devs working on Warzone 2 to fix issues that plague the game and impact players’ ability to practice and scrim before the later stages of the tournament.

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Warzone 2 streamer JoeWo was one of the players to ask the developers in a Tweet: “When will servers be fixed so we can properly scrimmage and practice for our $1,200,000 Warzone Tournament? We can’t even host full lobbies.”

Optic’s ZLaner has made a similar request while replying to an official Call of Duty Tweet informing players that the devs are working on Warzone 2’s server issues.

“Been having genuine fun on the game lately, can we please have a fix for this soon? Every 2nd game has been laggy for months now, how does something like this even go on this long? & remove AI from BR please, works great for DMZ but has no place in BR,” wrote ZLaner.

Other players from the Warzone community joined in on the request, with a lot of them taking a jab at Activision in the process.

“They’ll have a $30 WZ Ranked operator coming out to make up for it,“ joked one user.

Hopefully, the issues are ironed out for the following stages of the tournament and the World Series of Warzone 2023 will provide an unforgettable experience for both competitors and viewers alike.

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