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Warzone star BobbyPoff reveals changes he wants for Season 1 & beyond

Published: 13/Dec/2020 1:15

by Theo Salaun


BobbyPoff was Call of Duty: Blackout’s top player before emerging as one of Warzone’s best. Now, he’s explaining how he thinks the battle royale needs to change in Black Ops Cold War Season One to stay ahead.

Known as the “Scarf Lord,” BobbyPoff has amassed a huge following across social media and Twitch for his top-tier Warzone gameplay. With an impressive Blackout pedigree, the scarved gunner is possibly more in tune than anyone with CoD’s evolution in the battle royale realm.

Given the amount of publicity, tournaments, and Twitch hype that Warzone has been receiving, Bobby remains cognizant of how the game can continue improving upon itself. With Fortnite and Apex Legends regularly pushing out updates, the BR space is crowded and Warzone fans do not want their title to lag behind.


In the gaming world, it’s been ages since CoD’s free-to-play title got an update. As such, the debut of Black Ops Cold War’s first season of integration is a pivotal one. In a CharlieIntel podcast, the Scarf Lord revealed three primary ways the game can continue to up the ante in Season 1 and beyond.

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More Verdansk map changes and seasonal Warzone events

Although BobbyPoff is obviously a big fan of what Infinity Ward and Activision have done with Warzone, he believes that the devs can take a cue from Epic Games’ success with Fortnite moving forward.

“I hope there’s more holiday events, kind of like what Fortnite has done,” he said. “Fortnite has honestly paved the way for battle royales … They need to do a better job of more consistent updates, maybe more game events.”


Essentially, he suggests that events like Halloween’s “Haunting of Verdansk” need to be more frequent to continue pulling in attention. Furthermore, instead of saying that devs need to collaborate on nostalgic maps like Epic Games did with Halo’s “Blood Gulch,” he could see them bringing in classic CoD maps like Modern Warfare 2’s Wasteland.

wasteland modern warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2’s Wasteland map could fit perfectly in Verdansk.

Consistently address Warzone hackers

Unsurprisingly, another major issue that BobbyPoff believes Activision need to focus on is the issue of hackers in the game: “You see how much money this company makes, it’s like why can’t they just invest a little of this money that they’ve earned into just making everyone more happy?”


Anti-cheats appear complicated to perfect, as hackers routinely find workarounds, but the streamer argues that they need to be routinely instilled so that popular players don’t become discouraged.

R9-0 Dragon's Breath in Warzone.
Activision / NICKMERCS (YouTube)
The Dragon’s Breath is one of the most effective weapons when getting up close and personal.

Don’t allow the Warzone meta to get stale

Lastly, the Scarf Lord echoes the community in believing that the meta needs to be changed with increased frequency to avoid overpowered guns becoming mainstays for too long. 

“There have been a couple of metas so far in Warzone right now that they just take so long to change. Like with the R9 [R9-0 Shotgun with Dragon’s Breath fire rounds] especially right now, they’ve known this has been an issue for months. I wish they would be more quick to change some of those things.”


This is an issue that much of the CoD community are concerned with, as they find the Dragon’s Breath R9-0 shotgun to be an annoying regularity on Verdansk. If BobbyPoff gets his wish, then BOCW Season 1 will mean the departure of the dreaded “Doof Doof” from Verdansk’s most popular weapons.